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Cozaar And Inderal

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My son was put on Cozaar and Florinef a few months ago. It has been very effective for him. He has Low-Flow POTS and is vasoconstricted. The Cozaar increases his body's production of nitric oxide and dilates his blood vessels. That in turn lowers his blood pressure (which wasn't high to begin with, so that's not so good for him...) If you are vasoconstricted, Cozaar might be a great medication for you. If you are too dilated as is more common with POTS, I think that Cozaar could cause a lot of problems for you.

My son's heart rate used to rise about 50 bpm when he stood up. Since starting on these meds, it now usually jumps 20-30 bmp when he stands. Progress!

By the way, the generic version of Cozaar which is called Losarten is not nearly as effective for my son as the brand Cozaar.

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