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I have a teen who has POTS who is actually feeling really, really great right now. He does have some mild symptoms, usually daily but can also be out and about with friends and feel mostly "normal". He his chomping at the bit to go do things like ride a BMX track or ride rollercoasters and rides at the amusement park near us (6 flags type, big rides). Last summer he told us he blacked out briefly on the rollercoasters twice. That was pre-diagnosis and his symptoms were pretty sporatic and mild then also (less than now even). He is taking midodrine and florinef. I just worry that these types of activities are too much. I won't let him do the track because he could really get hurt or hurt someone if he suddenly felt weak. But the rollercoaster I am not sure. I have watched some of the videos on youtube where they show ppl passed out briefly and they don't look like their in any danger of injury (they are held in really tight and have pads on each side of their heads) which is my concern. I just don't know if there is something else I should worry about. Any resulting crash or symptoms would be worth it to him :lol:

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Does he have POTS due to a virus or is it complicated by something like Ehlers-Danlos. I ask because I have POTS due to Ehlers-Danlos. I don't like roller coasters in general but in college was "politely nudged" onto some of the bigger ones. I have no issues with the smaller roller coasters or the ones that don't go upside down. If I'm inverted, I black out (not 100% sure, as I kept my eyes closed the whole time, but there was definitely a feeling of unconsciousness); which may be what happened to your son. On the other hand, my joints are so loose that the g-forces from the larger rides (Superman, 6 flags, springfield MA) actually caused my neck to dislocate. That was fun! Made for a very interesting day.

I've had no problems with Splash mountain in Disney or most log-flume type rides, but the vertical drop in Superman was too much for my joints.

That said, he needs to be a teenager and have fun!! If he's stable and isn't passing out at home, I'd say give it a try. Adding Midodrine to my life has allowed me to actually have one! He should learn quickly what his limits are.


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