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Anyone Else Hot All The Time???


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I know I gripe all the time how hot I am, and how easily I get hot. But, in the last few weeks I've realized something. My face gets real hot easily, along with my hands and chest. BUT, the skin on the rest of my body(arms, legs) is actually COOL. I was sitting next to my husband last night while I was feeling hot, and my arm was up against his arm. I had to take it off, as his skin was way hotter than mine.

But, when I am hot, you can put your hand a few inches from my chest and feel the heat radiating from me. So, my core body is hot, with a very lower normal temperature, but my skin is cool.

Sounds like adrenaline to me. From what I've read forever, the adrenaline causes less blood flow to the skin. But this happens all day and night, and I don't stand much during the day, so I shouldn't be having this much adrenaline. So, can my adrenaline problem not necessarily be due to my POTS? So, do I have a pheo that is under the testing radar? Just thinking out loud here.

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Can you get your doctor to order a 24 hour urine?

And do you think this could just be the hyperadrenergic form of POTS?

I wonder if there is anything you could safely take to stop the surge?

Ramenketesh was able to stop his/hers by taking Valerian root. S/he said first s/he got the adrenaline surges under control so that leads me to believe they can and do happen in the absence of other pathology.

But you did say you have the adrenal tumor...that certainly sounds like it could cause the overproduction of adrenaline.

I wonder what your cortisol levels are like?

Lots of questions...no answers here. : ( I'm hoping time will provide some reassurance.

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Todd(I'm saying this in a nonargumentative way :D ), if that is the case, then maybe those low flow POTS people have something else going on that causes the low flow POTS??? I am not disagreeing with you on the elevated adrenaline, but I have to wonder what the cause is. That makes me question if the doctors are digging enough for root causes.

I mean, we all know that the very definition of POTS is postural and orthostatic. So, what happens when postural and orthostatic don't apply to the given situation? Then, you are left with tachycardia, flushing, high adrenaline, etc. that could have various causes. That is what I guess I want my doctor to NOT overlook! I don't want them to just say it is POTS, and stop looking for the cause of these sitting symptoms.

And again, I am not arguing, just wondering why doctors are not saying, "Huh, that is odd. Let's look at this from another angle".

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I notice that if I lie down during the day for more than 10 minutes or so that my chest and head get flushed and uncomfortably hot. Simultaneously, my feet and hands are freezing. However, when I'm upright for long then my core feels so cold but my hands, feet, face, and even mouth burn. My oral temp is always 97F or so, but I can't use my temporal artery scanning thermometer because it always reads over 99F (I read that it actually measures arterial temp as well as skin perfusion).

What has helped me: some exercise each day (usually walking), hydrating with 3-4L/day, 10 gms sodium/day, compression hose helps with the feet burning. Also, gabapentin has helped with the burning as well as carvedilol. I've taken paxil for a few months and sometimes I feel like it helps with the temp issues and sometimes it doesn't. Midodrine helps a bit to cool my feet and hands. Conversely, I struggle with chilblains and bluish toes, but too much activity makes my extremities bright red.

During times of stress or heat, I apply cool damp towels to my upper body.

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It's ok to agrue with me :P

I was talking about your direct question So, can my adrenaline problem not necessarily be due to my POTS? and I was telling you research has found this subgroup with the same types of symptoms and it is part of POTS. Could it be 100 other things, of course, but if one thing stood out in Stewarts low flow POTS research I'm sure they would have picked up on it. I'm just letting you know there are a whole group of POTS patients with these same symptoms.

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I am exactly the same. I find the heat radiating from the chest thing weird. If I get a massage, the therapist invariably comments on the big temperature range of my skin.

I have been like it for years (in fact, all my life as far as I recall) and it doesn't matter whether I am lying down or standing - I get the same variation. I was tested for pheo and was fine.

Not sure what causes it. I think body temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus which is very much implicated with ANS.

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