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  1. I have these same pains, you're not alone at all with them. Not much advise about the pains, just try to relax as best you can. I've just come off 3 straight days of them, today is the first without any. The only think I'd add here is to stay away from cardiologists and find a neurologist familar with POTS or dysautonomia. Cardiologist stick too much to strict heart function, and with POTS there's much more going on. I'll add right now not EVERY cardiologist is like this, but if you can you're better servered finding a neuro to treat you.
  2. I've been on the magnesium train for around 3 years, mostly because fiber made my slow motility worse I discovered magnesium got things moving. I take 800mg each morning, it's nice to know it could be helping with disastolic dysfunction also. Bananas remember the first rule of dysautonomia, what helps half of us, makes the other half feel worse. I'm in the sympathetic overdrive group so any diolation helps me. ( I'm starting niacin this week also ) You do bring up a good point though for the hypotensive part of our group, be careful with the amounts you start with. Start slow and work your
  3. Janey you're exactly right, those of us with motility issues work that much harder and that's part of the problem. It's almost like the valsalva maneuver when doing the TTT, any time I have to bear down like that lifting something it wipes me out. Sorry I don't know of anything that helps either, but I'm right there with you.
  4. Happy B-Day.....it's mine also :-)

  5. Happy B-day......it's mine also :-)

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