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Where Can I Go?

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Dr Chelimsky at Case Western University Hospital is also in Cleveland. They have a full autonomic lab as well. We were seeing him for our son until we found a local doctor. He diagnosed and treated my son. Our local POTS doctor has also called Dr Chelimsky consulting about our son.


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Dr. Robert Shields at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio does a full battery of Autonomic Testing. I see him for my Orthostatic Hypotension Dysautonomia (Autonomic Neuropathy). I know he is pretty booked with appointments. It may take you 4-6 months to get in to see him. You could ask if he has a doctor doing a fellowship under him and you could get in sooner to see the fellow ship doctor who consults him during your visit. I have actually seen the fellowship doctors and during the visit, they go over all their findings and treatment plan with Dr. Shields during the visit and Dr. Shields usually comes in and winds up spending a good 1/2 hour or more with you. I just love him. He is sooo compassionate and really gives you hope. I have liked the fellowship doctors too. They also have been supportive and compassionate. Hope this helps.


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I see Dr. Blair Grubb. He gave me meds for my symptoms. I don't think he did any testing to find cause. I would like to be tested for MCAD, and other things. I want to know why all of a sudden I feel my arms are on fire, like my nerves are inflamed, and feel funny, the go to the bathroom several times after the attack. This really freaks me out cause I feel like I am going to pass out when this happens.

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