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Not Trying To Be Rude


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I just wanted to let you all know that I am dyslexic, so if you see something I post with repeated and/or misspelled words or letters mixed up, I'm not just being rude or lazy, I can't help it. Later if and when I see my mistake, I do my best to go back and fix it.

I just thought I should let you all know.


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Not to worry. I struggle through brain fog a lot to post. While frustration can be the name of the game for someone with a MBA Magna

cum laude, I would never be able to post if I allowed too much worry (increasing stress) on top of the frustration.

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Mggirl u are not alone=) I am dylexic too (why do they choose a word imposible to spell for people whit problems whit ust that..?)And whit the brainfogg, the fact that englsh is my second lang, well i marvel that some manage to read and understand what i write B)

I ust hope that my weird spellng can provide intertainment, and that the people whit the red pen ust shy away from my posting and writing :lol:

Ofcourse it makes it very hard to say what intent to somthimes etc etc. So if i ever offend someone, mostlkely, i didnt inteend to...

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