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Two Quick Questions Please ??

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1. Are there any alternative medicine remedies for POTS/NCS or the autonomic nervous system such as aromatherapy, acpunture, herbs, etc. I've heard of something called Klosterfrau Melissengeist which is a German essential oil that is supposed to regulate the ANS. Has anyone ever tried any natural medicine and had a good experience?

2. I've noticed so many different sites/sellers, styles, etc of compression stockings. What are the best ones out there, what should I buy?


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There has been quite a few posts on the topic of alternative/natural medicine on the forum. If you use the "search" box in the upper right then you should be able to find some useful info. Personally I believe that "lightening the load" is helpful when dealing with dys and there are a variety of natural approaches to doing this and each person has to find what works best for them. I hope you are able to find some helpful links.

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Extra fluids and salt are generally considered the first non-medical treatment to try.

You might want to take a look at:


Mentions licorice root and butcher's broom as two studied non-pharmaceuticals. With both you'll want to talk to your physician prior to trying. Magnesium is also noted.

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I take so many good supplements. CoQ10 has been very good for my heart rate, bp etc. Correcting all hormone imbalance was the first thing. Bio compounded hormones like Tri est, pregenalone, progesterone, 7 Keto DHEA, Thyriod etc.

Supplements for the immune system like Vit E, Vit C, Astragalas, AHCC, Proboost Thymic Protein, Maitake D drops, Vit D drops.

Supplements to help the adrenal gland like Adrecor.

The methyl vits like B12, SAMe, etc.

D-Ribose power two times a day has been SUPER good. Carnetine and Co Q10 have taken my brain fog away completely.

5HTP raised the Seratonin level so I could sleep and feel good again. It goes down like other things with stress and illness.

:) Alpha Lipoic Supreme is healing my nervous system and helping the nerves in my feet. Has been great.

Two great things for CFS and POTS for me are Liposomal Glutathione and ATP.

I add protein powder and First Greens to my smoothy each day. They are full of things that are good also.

I take fish oil also.

Antioxidents are SOOOO important, like the above Vit. C and E and A good multi, but the MAIN things to help I think, since I had already been on many things for a year, then my doctor added Liposomal Glutathione by Livon Labs, and ATP.

All of my supplements are guided by my doctors. Dr. Dzugan is in charge of the hormones. No migraines now. They have a schedule, three times a day for me. They look carefully into the brands for purity also.

This has helped my CFS not be much of a problem now and is helping my POTS that I have had for two years. I was unable to get out of bed for many months, until I could see my doctor and get the tests. Now, I function well and I am happy again.

I stay COOL, do not overdo it, never miss my supplements, DRINK a lot of water, etc. My bp is usually high or normal, sometimes low. Goes up and down. Before my supplments, it was VERY HIGH, that is wonderful that I rarely have it so high now.

I do not take presciptions. My bp is usually high and normal, not low.

I also stopped gluten in case I am sensitive since that can affect the nervous system.

My doctors are helping me to help the symptoms and support my body so I can heal. I get blood testing twice a year to see how my vit D, B12, and all other things are doing.

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Sorry for not explaining myself. What I mean by "lightening the load" is that our bodies have a lot to deal with just dealing with the dysautonomia (and any other comobidities we may have) so whatever you can do to lighten your body's load is useful. Trying to control the things you can control -allergies/sensativities, muscle tension, stress, vitamin deficiences/nutrition, etc. These are all things that we can effect and change to some extent through various means. We are like a rain barrel and when it gets too full it overflows, and our bodies let us know it. For me, personally, the road is just beginning (even though it's been 1.5 yrs). I have had years of bad habits of ignoring the signs my body gives me, but now I am listening. I also opt for a natural approach and have had some positive results. I hope the same for you. Hopefully I didn't confuse you more :)

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thanks godsgal and momtogiuliana!!

tablet, thanks, it's ok, I'm slow sometimes and I just didn't understand at the time what you meant but now it makes sense, thank you for explaining to me!!! I definitely have a load to lighten :)

sallysblooms, WOW!!! Thank you so much. That is a lot of information and I thank you so much, i need to re-read and take notes!

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sallysblooms, WOW!!! Thank you so much. That is a lot of information and I thank you so much, i need to re-read and take notes!

I get all doses and brands from my doctors. I don't do it all alone.

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Hi Misstraci,

I have come to this Post a bit late, but just wanted to share a few things that helpd me. I only recently saw a good POTS doctor, so between my diagnosis last August and seeing the specialist this March due to a long waiting list, I had no choice but to use alternative remedies in an attempt to get some sort of relief from my symptoms.

This is what has helped me in the past:

Homeopathics really helped for a while before I even knew I had POTS. I found a very good homeopath who treats patients using simplexes. The one that worked for me was phosphorous and it lowered my heart rate (both resting and exercising) and significantly reduced the incredible chest pressure I was experiencing. It also helped a bit with my breathing. The only problem was I was only allowed to take it 3 days in a row, and after about 7 days the effects would wear off. Because my homeopath was a purist, he insisted I discontinue the phosphorous if it wasn't having a permanent effect.

I am currently seeing a different homeopath who is not a purist. This homeopathic treats the nervous system. I am taking it in conjunction with Florinef. I am told that because homeopathics work in a completely different way to medicine, it is safe. Don't know that my POTS specialist would agree, but so far I am not noticing any adverse intereactions.

Chinese medicine has helped me with my gut issues. Accupressure in particular has been very helpful, but it is a very slow process, and there are no instantaneous results.

Finally, sacro-cranial massage has I think helped with the dizziness a bit (prior to Florinef) and also helped ease my breathing issues, but this is a very difficult symptom for me, and it continues to wax and wane, but isn't as bad as it was 4-5 months ago.

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I am concerned that people are taking that many supplements when none of them have been demonstrated or even really investigated for their benefit in POTS.

Who ever said that POTS has anything to do with hormonal abnormalities? How do you know that any present hormonal abnormalities arent a consequence rather than a cause of POTS? How do you know that treating any presumed hormonal abnormalities might not have unforseen consequences?

Statements like 'antioxidants are so important' seem odd. Why are they important? Do you mean they are important for normal health? well maybe sure. But are you suggesting that they are important for POTS? If so why? how? what scientific evidence is there that all patients with POTS have increased oxidisive stress? There are some POTS patients who do have as a consequence of POTS increased oxidisive stress.

Butchers broom is an alpha agonist that I found caused a pretty nasty relapse in me. it has never been scientifically evaluated in POTS and Id probably proceed with caution.

Some people report benefit from valarian, motherwort, sceletium and rhodiola. I have had some benefit from TCM herbs. But proceed with caution because since we dont understand the causes of POTS properly, its hard to say how you will react to any of these.

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