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Hot sweaty palms???


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I'm coming in a little late on this topic, but....

My hands are either freezing cold or hot and sweaty. There's hardly ever a happy medium. Of course, I'd prefer the freezing cold, because sweaty hands are a hassle...and embarrassing when it comes to a handshake. :) I've found that sometimes, when my hands are lower than the rest of my arms for a while, the blood tends to pool in them. That makes them warmer, so I try to keep them at the same level as the rest of my arms whenever possible. I've just recently figured this out,so I haven't had much time to experiment to see if this stops the sweatiness. Hmm...that would be nice! :)


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I just wanted to add that I don't get hot hands, but I do get hot feet (from the inside out -- to touch them they are normal temp). Both hands and feet can also be freezing AND sometimes I am unable to accurately determine the temperature. For example, my husband will say that my feet are ice cold and they feel perfectly normal to me and vice versa.

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