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Exercise Management

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I'm looking for a watch that will track my heart rate and blood pressure around the house and also when I am exercising. I know some of you have these, and am looking for a recommendation for a good, accurate one that isn't too expensive (over $125 or so). I may have to settle for one that only tracks my HR, but would love to have some input.



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I didn't know you could get a watch to track BP's. Learn something new every day. I have a polar type watch I got on the internet I like for less than 50$. No BP tracking though.


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hello jana-- am very fond of the polar monitors (F- 10 series w/ chest strap-- mine is one of the less expensive models)

it monitors only the HR--and does a good job of it. i wear it in the shower (on very bad days) accurate on land and sea!

have tested it against other monitors and at doctor's office. they and we were surprised by its accuracy. do not know of

a monitor that tracks BP. with my best, cordelia

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