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Brainfog With Dizziness & Nausea


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I know a lot of POTS patients have brainfog & I do too. Sometimes I feel like I can't think or retain & concentrate

on anything.

Something I also have is that when I read or really do anything beside laying back with my eyes closed is getting real dizzy & nauseas

Do you guys too? Can anything be done about it!

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Yes to brainfog, lack of concentration and dizziness. Reading or any activity requiring eye focus makes all this worse. No nausea here, although I think it often goes with dizziness. The only thing that helps me is to lay down. I also feel somewhat better after my morning dose of coffee, but things steadily get worse as the day goes and the more tired I get. This is my most challenging symptom. If I could get rid of the dizziness I think I could handle all of the other POTS symptoms. Wish there were answers for us.

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I take a medication called Cerefolin NAC for brain fog, it was prescribed to me by Dr. Grubb. It is a prescription strength of some combination of vitamins and it is a actually a drug used for Alzheimers patients. Unfortunately most insurance companies do not cover it, I did ask why but I can't remember and it is $60 a month, but I will say that I cannot function without it. It is a huge help! I do still get brain fog but not nearly as bad as I used to. In fact, my bf can tell if I haven't taken it because I am searching for words, screwing up words, just not really making sense when I speak without it.

I cannot say enough good things about this medication and I have had no side effects.


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Count me in! Awful nausea & dizziness when I read. Luckily not all the time but it seems more & more lately. All I can look at are magazines and invariably after a few pages I give up. There are so many novels I want to be reading!

Stace - I take Deplin, made by the same lab, and my dr has given me cerefolin before when he's been out of deplin samples. I had no idea cerefolin was for memory... how cool!! maybe he'll let me switch back to test out the memory part. I believe they're both very "clean" supplements & won't mess with other meds.

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