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Hyper Feeling?


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I know with dysautonomia..a common symptom is feeling tired and fatigued. I will feel that way from time to time..but also, once in awhile I feel..Hyper. It's hard to explain. It happened today (and I'm feeling pretty decent today, thank God :)) when my mom and I were getting ready go run some errands. I told her it feels like I drank a lot of caffeine or something and just feel really antsy. Like inside, my body felt like it could've been bouncing off the walls but physically, I was just sitting there calmly. It's a weird feeling..but it didn't last that long. I didn't feel lightheaded, my heart wasn't racing..No actual symptoms aside from the hyper feeling. Does anyone else get this way, or knows why it might happen?

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Guest letitbe

ABSOLUTELY. And sometimes the heart rate isn't even high. IF there is no oxygen and blood in the brain and the organs are not drumming with their dance like they should, it is an out of wack mess. It's on the sympts list. I wake with a fast h-rate because of my sleep issue. Sometimes os bad my pjs are moving! A phone call, talk, computer, being upright for SHORTER TIMES NOW can all bring it on.


Stimulation of most kinds. That is why we are supposed to learn the real way to BREATHE and be calm as much as possible. Especially mornings.

At night now I can get panicy and not be moving or heart bearting. Just panicky--fear.

I am much more tired now than years ago but wow--back then I could get bouncy as Tigger. But good people still loved me. That's the thing: it is usually weirdos who dismiss us or people that are choosing to be screwed up in some way. My experience at least. My lifetime of experience.

See-like now--I said I was signing off!!!

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