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Is this lightheadedness/dizziness/or vertigo?

I feel like i see through a fog constantly. My vision is dimmed and i can barely read anything. I did have a eye exam and my eyes are still the same. I cant focus my eyes on anything. When i talk to someone face to face, i have to look around because i become very dizzy if i try to focus on their face. No matter how hard i try, i can not stare at the same object for any amount of time. It is really bad with television that is across the room. Nothing looks real. My balance is completely off too.

I tried to explain this to my doctor but it came out wrong. I am not sure what one it is or if its all of them. It is nearly constant now and no amount of water or rest helps. ;[

oh i also try to hold the bridge of my nose constantly in attempt to "see" better and everything i do feels like im doing it in slow motion

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I don't know what this symptom is called, but I feel exactly the same. I keep saying "I can't see straight" (which nobody quite understands because I have perfect 20/20 vision) and it is the way you describe. My eyes have been checked over and over, including by 2 neuro-opthamologists, who both concluded it has to be vestibular. Balance problems can make it *feel* like it's your eyes. Is this a new symptom? I am assuming the eye Dr. looked at everything and ruled out any eye disease or disorder? It's the worst ...I know.

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weird thing is last time i took lexapro it helped out a lot.. i read that one ear disorder can benefit from an SSRI. i think it starts with an M. i am going to try it again and pray that it works because this is easily my worst symptom. I feel like i can barely function like this. Its just so much easier to close my eyes than to deal with trying to see.

Also, my position has no effect on this. I dont believe it is blood pressure related either.

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