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It has been a long time since I last posted, but I am curious about people's experience with fasting with POTS and NCS. I am graduate student in Wilderness Therapy/Counseling and part of the curriculum is a three day vision quest/fast in Southern Utah. I am already quite nervous about my POTS and being on my own in the desert for three days, but not eating has me freaked out. The fast is an option that I would like to consider, but only after research. I know fasting can further lower BP, which is not ok when I am currently averaging 90/86. Water and electrolytes are a must and there will be an emergency buddy system. My midodrine and salt tablets will be coming as well.

Am I the only one freaked out by this scenario? Has anyone else done an extended fast with POTS and NCS and what has been the outcome? My POTS is somewhat well managed, I haven't passed out in over a year, and I can handle physical activity (I am a runner...).



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Hi Nicole. I don't have POTS (I was diagnosed with cardioneurogenic syncopy), so my experience might not be relevant.... I think you're right that it would also affect your BP. I can't fast because I also have issues with blood sugar - going without food makes me very, very unwell. I did a couple of meditation retreats that involved fasting, and they really aggravated my illness - it took many months to recover afterwards, and I didn't get all my functioning back.

I did a vision quest for women in the Australian bush many years ago, and we DIDN'T fast - the idea was that women had a different set of requirements to men. This might not be the traditional American Indian approach for womens' vision quests (although I thought that it was) - but the experience was really profound and uplifting, and I didn't need to be starving and dehydrated to get a lot out of it.

I'd recommend that you follow your instincts, and perhaps discuss your issues with the vision quest coordinator.


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Hi...I tried to fast for spiritual benefits such as healing, prayer, closer relationship to God, etc. It was very tough on me. I didn't make it very long. I have POTS and dysautonomia and my physical activity level is significantly less than yours. My blood pressure runs like yours. I think the heat, losing fluids from any sweating, plus losing any salt/calories gained from eating would definitely bring your blood pressure lower. I don't blame you for being nervous. 3 days is a really long time and I think that you should discuss your condition with your instructor, physician, and do some more research before committing yourself to that and getting sick out there. Plus, I'm not sure how your medications would work without food.

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Being stable with blood sugar and nutrients is important to me. Maybe some can do it. Fasting has never been something I feel a need to do. I make sure I eat healthful meals and snacks to stay well. I take many supplements also so food and drink is important.

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