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My New Compression Hose


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My hubby took me to get measured for compression hose today. My doctor said I could get any length I wanted. Well, I got the least of the numbers, but still plenty of strength. I had hoped they would help, but they really DID seem to, shocked me. Kept my heart rate around 108 standing and walking.

I took them off to take my bath and the top of my ankle had two dark lines. HUM. My feet and toes were fine and no line on the calf. My doctor said they should not make a mark, for safety/blood flow. I guess I have to call her Monday. It has gone away now, but I was wondering if this happened to any of you. You know where your foot bends, top. I was so happy until I saw that. The lady measured me. I want to wear them.


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What brand did you get?

Ive never had that happen but one time i tried an different brand..I think it was called Juzo...& I broke out it this rash. It itched & I had a ton of red bumps. Went back to normal brand & never had the problem again

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Sorry to hear about the lines. I wear Jobst compression stockings-thigh high and haven't had any bunching or lines. I am very satisfied with them. They do help in keeping my bp up. I am to wear them only when up during the day and take them off in the evening. No sleeping in them. They cost around $30.00 and are not covered by insurance. There are some compression stockings covered by insurance. I would also check with the person who measured you. They may have measured wrong. It is good to check back with the doctor too. Good luck with you in being able to wear them.

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You might find that a different brand works better for you. There are some brands that I can wear comfortably, and others that do not fit the shape of my foot and ankle. The Ames Walker brand gives me creases on my foot/ankle. The Sigvaris brand is a little tight there, but it doesn't leave a crease. Jobst and Juzo are very comfortable on the top/front of my ankle. I have never tried Mediven, so I can't comment about how those fit me.

I don't know if this makes a difference, but I have big feet (womens size 12). Perhaps for me this makes the distance between my heel and the top/front of my ankle a longer distance. If someone has smaller feet then maybe they wouldn't get the extra pressure where I do.

Compression really shouldn't be worn for 48 hours straight. They are only meant to be worn while you are up during the day. They should come off when you go to bed at night. I also take mine off if I lie down to rest for more than 15 or 30 minutes.

I hope you can find some compression hose that work for you, Sally.


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I am doing fine with them now. They needed to be worn a couple of times to stretch a bit and also, not be put on after walking.

I am also looking into trying Jobst. They have some nice colors in the waist high. I sure appreciate all of the help. I wish I had tried them earlier when I was more ill, but at that point, I could not put them on anyway. So weak.

Thanks again!


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Guest tearose

I am sorry to hear they caused you discomfort.

You may need to try a few brands to see which are best for you.

Personally, the futuro are too itchy, the jobst don't fit well and the JUZO, tho expensive, are the best fitting and comfortable on me.

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