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Beta Blocker Photosensitivity


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Wow, that just helped me find somehting out... i have been on beat blockers for just over a year now, and i used to tan really easily, but for the past year i have been getting very burnt, very easily. u just made it all make sense. i got badly burnt on monday... i was in the sun for about 15mins. i was red like a blood vessel, i couldnt understand y. im still very red, almost a week after.

thanx! :):):)

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I initially thought that it was a symptom of POTS, but if i had not taken my blockers for a week or so it wouldnt happen, but if i was back on them and qithout many symptoms i would get very photosensitive.

One time i sat for about 4 hours in moderate sun on one day and got a tiny bit of colour, then the next day after taking a beta blocker for tachycardia, was in the same kind of sun level for an hour and was absolutely roasted red.

Since we live in Australia this can be a real issue...

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I was only on a beta blocker for a short amount of time because it actually made my dizziness worse. However, I also experienced the sun sensitivity. Here in Israel the sun is also a problem, and in fact just the other month I had the same issue with an antibiotic. Everyone be careful!

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