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  1. hello, I have POTS and it made me think when you wrote about fair skin, i have fair skin blonde hair and blue/green eyes. butterfly
  2. hi, um i have a good doctor, from st vincents hospital. and another from a specialists center. i live in sydney, where abouts are you? i dont know any other aussies with this. do you have a good doctor? butterfly
  3. Hey! Wow, that just helped me find somehting out... i have been on beat blockers for just over a year now, and i used to tan really easily, but for the past year i have been getting very burnt, very easily. u just made it all make sense. i got badly burnt on monday... i was in the sun for about 15mins. i was red like a blood vessel, i couldnt understand y. im still very red, almost a week after. thanx!
  4. hey there.. Good idea! hydration is so important to everyone , but especially to us POTS people. I use a simular type of hydration drink as you described, its a powder you add to a glass, or bottle and fil up with water and it is really good at replacing electrolites and keeping you hydrated throughout the day, its called Staminade sport. I am unsure if it is sold in America or anywhere else though, i live in Australia. It might be though, i am not sure where my mum purchased it from, i think it was a supermarket or health food store. Hope that helps. luv kybutterfly.
  5. hey! haha cool,so i guess u know where NSW is, thats the state i live in. oh by the way....the type of butterfly i am is one thats trying to find her wings... because when you find your wings you can fly....also, i always talk to my mum... and when my heart is racing i tell her that the butterfly is back.. because it feels like a butterfly is flapping its wings inside my heart, trying to get out .. or sumthing lol hahha. hav a good day... luv ky
  6. Hi martha Yeah, u are getting lots of members from other countries.Am i the only one from aus? i am feeling very good today actually, i started my school project assingment... for design and textiles. Its a wedding dress. it looks very nice, its verry puffy and pretty. i mite send you a picture whens its finished. hope your having a good day too. luv butterfly
  7. G'day.... thankyou for replying.Hope your having a good day.... ohk to your first question. i collapsed at school twice, with fast heart, and weird breathing, after walking to my class, in summer, so i got taken to doctors, they said that it was just nothing. then it kept hapening, neer colapsing everyday, (because of the heat, it was summer, it made it worse) then i went bak to docs, and they refered me to a cardiologist beacuse my dad demaded. they just werent doing anything for me, then it hapnd the next day, neer collapse, and i got taken to hospital. they couldnt find anything after 5 hrs being there. the netx week i went to cardiologist, they said i probly have svt, or inapropriate sinus tachy. then after the stress test, i lasted on it for 3 minutes walking quiet slow, with a heart rate of 206. so they stopped me before i collapsed, and sat me down. got put straight onto best blockers, which helped. then i kept having fast heart everyday, and feeling breathless the usual, but this time also having a weird flip-flop feeling in my heart so i got sent to ST Vincents hospitail in sydney top visit a elecrophysiologist, who did tests and saw wen i stood up and felt faint, it was my blood pressure., he said that my heart rate increased, and blood pressure went real low, so my heart didnt have much to pump. i was put on a larger dosage, of metoprolol. i have to have blood tests alot, and, everymonth i must visit my gp, my doc sed this. just to make sure im ok with blood pressure and heart rate. i get my blood test results tomorro!! i have high cholesterol(6.4) they think it might be hereditary. hopefully, tomorros test will show a drop in the level though. wow this is so cool.... its cool that all you know what i feel like eveyday..... for a bit i thought it was in my head, and was begining to doubt myself. I just have to have to say this... i hate it wen i make my bed coz i get puffd out.... do u guys aswell? i guess you do. also do any of you get affected by eating chocolate.. it makes my heart race.worse. oh by the way answering your other q. i was diagnosed with IST, then it was found i had POTS asweel, and that the POTS made my IST worse. wow thats confusing.and my symptoms are al the ones listed on this site that names symptoms.um, ther is a family history of heart probs, a couple of 2nd cousins mysteriously droping dead whilst playing football, they were my age. and also my grandmother has cardiomyopathy,(diagnosed a year ago, same day as i was with IST) and she used to complain of geting dizzy wneh she stoood up, especialy in the sun, docs didnt think anything of it.Thanx for listenning, i have to go and have my santa photo now hahaha, yep 17 and still getting them, with my sister (16) and brother (12) we get them done to keep our parents happy! hahaha, hav a great day......luv kybutterfly.
  8. Hey! thankyou heaps, i will check that site out. luv butterfly
  9. hello everyone. my name is kylie,im 17 and was diagnosed a year ago with POTS, and inapropriate sinus tachycradia (IST). i dont know anybody with either conditions, and have had a tough year with them. its great that i can talk to people with these conditions. Its like a family who all know exaclty what you are goin through, just to live normally everyday. thanx for your wonderful help with information too. -Ky Butterfly.
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