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Lexapro And Metaprolol


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I take lexapro and metaprolol. I was 155 lbs before these meds with lots of hair. With in a few months I went from 155 to 195 lbs. And 6 years later have lost lots of hair. Which medication do you think is causing she side effects. Hopefully not lexapro, because I have tried to quit that medication, but autonomic symptoms return when I do.

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Metaprolol made my hair fall out & I quit taking it. My mom is almost completely bald on top from atenolol. Some of these meds cause hair loss in some people. I took Lexapro for awhile & gained weight. It could be causing the weight gain. You just never know because everyone reacts to meds differently.

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I have taken Atenolol for over 20 years and Lexapro for 7 months. I have not gained any weight and have very thick hair. We all react so differently to meds. I'm am typically very sensitive to meds but these two are my wonder drugs. I take rather small doses of each, though. (25 mg a day Atenolol and 5mg a day Lexapro.) Sorry I'm not much help.

I second who ever ask have you had your thyoid checked recently.


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