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What The Heck Is Going On With Me Now????


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On Halloween I took kids trick or treating and walking about a block but was experiencing slight chest pain and in my back, yesterday I wasn't feeling to well and bent over to pick something up and felt the pain in the back and gurgle in my heart and I just didn't feel right. So I went to the ER when they took me to a room I layed down and had severe chest pain, tachy , and felt like my valve was gurgling along with extreme anxiety. They did the EKG and said my heart was just really fast but it was ok, they did the blood test for heart damage said that was normal and then did a chest CT and said I had a small section that collapsed in my lung but it wasn't bad enough for a chest tube and it could resolve on its own or come back if I get worse and follow-up with my doc, and something about pleurisy.

My whole left side of my chest just doesn't feel right when I bend over or lay flat then sit up it feels like something pops or something is rubbing and if I lay on my left side or flat I get these palps just like it felt when they told me in the past I had Mitral Valve Prolapse.

I called my doc today and her nurse called back saying she'll see me in 2 weeks I was so angry I'm suppose to be seen within 3 days (told my ER) and she then said to see the cardio I seen before and I had actually called him yesterday before I even went to the ER and hes out for 4 weeks.

So I have been seeking a new doc but in the meantime I will go to the ER to get my follow-up and have them refer me to a cardio to make sure nothing else is going on.

Has this happened to anyone or does anyone have any ideas what the heck is going on with me???

thanks Lissy

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Do you suspect Ehlers Danlos Syndrome/EDS? I seem to recall that lung problems like you describe correlate with some of the variants. Check that out when you get a chance. I hope things at home are better. Sorry for all you are going through.



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How are you feeling now? I hope you are feeling better.


Thanks for concern

I am healing I don't have the palps or much pain anymore and I got a appointment this coming Tuesday with the lung specialist, my family doc shown no urgency and pretty much tried to lead me on a wild goose chase and told me to call my cardio and get an appointment after I had already told her he was out for a month. So I just took it easy and I live like 2 blocks from the hospital so I just kept an eye on my breathing and heart symptoms and PRAYED for nothing to go wrong and so far so good. But I will be going Tuesday to find out some more answers...

I was scared to death in the ER I thought I was gonna die from a heart attack and the ER doc was so amateur it seems. I kept telling him my valve is clicking SO bad and it hurts something is wrong and he told me your heart is fine and since I'm so thin I am just aware of it beating right then!!! I could have choked him I was so out of breath I couldn't even argue.But I survived and thank god for that.


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Oh Lissy I'm glad you are okay.

I have heard of other people developing pleurisy but I have no idea of what the treatment is.

I had a weird sensation a couple times that felt like gurgling and almost popping in my heart and it even felt as if it was slowing down and my circulation wasn't even flowing right.

I was wearing my king of hearts monitor at the time and all it showed was tachycardia.

I believe you as far as how uncomfortable and scary that was.

That one incident we were driving in the car is one that sticks in my mind and stands out to me that there was something really going on it wasn't just a simple anxiety.

I was just sitting there and it hit out of the blue.


Keep updating when you can.

Sending healing thoughts your way.

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Guest tearose

It would be great to hear that you managed to heal from whatever this was but it is good you will have your lungs checked out!!

Sometimes people have a lung issue and don't feel it but imaging will show it.

Please update us after your Tuesday appointment!

sending healing wishes,


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I've had the partial lung collapse in the past, as well as pleurisy so many times I lost count. You may want to investigate a collagen defect such as EDS or something similar. I don't have EDS but rather a gene related to dwarfism that causes many of the same collagen issues.

The pain probably had less to do with your heart directly than it did with the lung collapse.

As long as you're staying stable or improving, you should be fine. Did they give you any Rx's to take home, such as an inhaler or inhaled medication?


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Well I went to the lung doc yesterday and he said the phenumothoriax was healing and while in the ER they said my CT showed NO emphysema so I asked him to look over it.

And to my surprise he said NO I wouldn't say you have emphysema (***I was DX with it 2 1/2 years ago) when I went to the ER for my BIGGEST 1st POTS crash and they told me I had emphysema and I've been very worried and secretly depressed about it...So that was a huge relief thank GOD. But he said my lungs are stretchy??? and I thought EDS and said it and he just blew my off I don't even know if he knew what I was talking about. And when went to the genetic doc a few months ago I mentioned (EDS) to her also and she said well what kind of stretchy tricks can u show me and I don't really have any, so I was wondering can you just be internally stretchy???

Anyway had to let you all know the update:)

Have a good night all Migraine headache all day gotta lay down


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