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Jury Duty & Getting Out Of When Disabled


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I open my mail late friday, Court is close, emailed my doc only to get bounce back 'out of office reply' until Tuesday.

He is very supportive of me and I have ongoing new issues we need to get tests on...mild goiter (tests normal as have been ultrasound) protein in urine so going to retest that, just haven't done so yet. I was very ill for days and couldn't eat anything but brown rice, was nauseated & horrible joint pain and bathroom problems...then got a bit better...My doc wants me to get horribly symptomatic again before testing me since SOMETHING seems to be random pattern.

ANYWAY I did a search here at DINET and not much about Jury Duty. Some say they were forced to serve (HOWEVER those people were also working full or part time so that's different than HOMEBOUND or semi homebound, leave the house for horu or 2 at MOST! unless visiting a family home where I can lie down!)

I want to hear from those of us semi housebound & DISABLED (we often can't drive or leave the home for several days in a row)other times we can drive short distances.

Spend all my waking time reclining or in bed for 80-90% of waking time)

Constant pre syncope if I am forced to sit up or stand.

can't stand hot rooms.

Severe joint pain/fibromyalgia so cant' lie or sit in same position for more than an hour w/o fidgeting.

Cognitive impairment, difficulty paying attention. I would remind my doctor of the following, I need to attach letter from him before I turn in paperwork. Sorry if I am repeating myself...HORRIBLE short term memory too.


Can't DRIVE many days due to lightheadedness/dizziness & no bus service. Taxis are scummy & unreliable between 2 cities for one. Car ride can cause motion sickness.

Fatigue & cognitive impariment makes difficult for me to pay attention, lose focus, get lightheaded/bppv vertigo & need to lie down flat for feeling to pass?

Nausea, tachycardia spikes & blood pressure can spike & drop, causing visual blacks & PRE Syncope (which nobody will understand)

severe nerve, muscle pain if I sit in one position for more than an hour but with FEET ON FLOOR still issue.

On pain meds which fuzzy my thinking on bad days

HORRIBLE FATIGUE but I would "Look normal" if I had to appear to speak to judge. How to explain 'invisible chronic illness'

Bathroom breaks are not enough to excuse either but my full bladder can cause dysautonomia symptoms.

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