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Donation to DINET update


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Hi all, to those who joined the iGive network, a big thank you. DINET is up to nearly 100$ in funds raised through that site--which is a HUGE help to keep this site running and expanding as needed.

Happy first night of Hannukah, happy holidays to all, and a healthier new year to each one of you.

Nina <_<

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I love that idea--I have a Paypal account that's linked to my savings. I use it instead of credit cards online. I've already made a donation this holiday via Paypal to a pet sanctuary that helped one of my cats---would love to do the same for DINET.

Nina :)

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First, let me say THANK YOU to Nina for being the little shopaholic that she is!!! :) She has raised almost all the money DINET has gotten through igive and it does help.

I have thought about Pay Pal and may go that route. We already are set up through Network for Good.

Thanks for the suggestions!


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Here's the really short answer: Register, then go to iGive, and shop. That's it.

Here's the longer explanation of how the online shopping donations work:

1. first register with iGive

2. to register, use the link in my signature line...by doing so, DINET gets an extra 1$ because it's a direct referral.

3. When you are ready to do your online shopping, go to the iGive website, click on the "Mall" button, and then browse the stores by type (i.e. computers, travel, books, cooking, etc.)

4. If you'd rather just shop by the name of the store, choose the "mall" link and then choose the "merchants a-z" link.

5. Pick your store, click on their link, and do your online shopping as you would normally do. If you've clicked through via iGive, you should see an extra bar at the top of your browser's page, which tells you the percentage donation offered by that store.

7. After your purchase is complete, your transaction will post to your iGive account (some stores post quite quickly, others wait until their item return period has past).

8. Once 25$ in donations to DINET accrue from all sources (all donors), iGive sends a check to DINET. On a happy note, DINET is up to about 103$ Yay! Michelle, post when they send you a check!

9. Always save your order confirmation email from the vendor until you see your transaction post to your iGive account. On rare occasions, transactions do not automatically post properly and need to be reported via their "missing transaction" page (under "my igive", then "my stats", "shopping". In 2 years, that's only happened to me once or twice.


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The link appears to be working now. Thanks for thinking of DINET. We've been operating in the red and really need financial support. Hopefully we'll be able to get some grant money this year to pay for the basics. We're saying our prayers and keeping our fingers crossed! :angry:


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Hi Tim, I'll let Michelle answer the specifics on where to send it, but I can say that yes, if filing an itemized return, it should be completely tax deductible because of DINET's status as a 403-c nonprofit. Also, you're not getting any "premium" in return (like they do on public tv or radio where you get a "gift" for your $)--so the entire amount is deductible. When there is a premium, you need to subtract the value of that item from the total donation, and the remainder is deductible.

As for corporate rules, I'm unsure as to what type of limits they have on how much is deductible, whether or not there is a threshold before it becomes "itemizable" like they do with individual deductions under medical expenses--must exceed 2% of total income prior to it being deductible.

Nina :angry:

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