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Sore Throat, Cold And Fever


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I haven't been feeling well since Sunday. I've been feeling constantly freezing and complaining that places are keeping the AC too high - of course I always feel that way, but looking back it was a little worse than normal. Monday I spent most of the day in bed. I thought it was my POTS acting up because there were thunderstorms here - I always feel weak and lightheaded. I started getting a runny nose and then a really bad sore throat. Tues night I kept waking up drenched in sweat. Again, I have had this with my POTS. Today, after sleeping hard for 2 hrs in the afternoon, I called my mom, and she asked if I had a fever. Well, I took my temp and it was 102.3! I feel stupid, because I assumed that the fatigue, insomnia, night sweat and chills were all part of my POTS. I can honestly say this is miserable - worse than a bad day of POTS. At least I am used to what the POTS feels like!

I called my doc this afternoon and there are no appointments until Saturday, though I can try for a cancellation. He told me to take advil in the meanwhile. I don't think I have the flu, because no nausea/vomiting. It is probably something like strep throat. I wish I would have figured it out sooner so I could have gone to the doc and gotten meds.

This is the first time in six years of having POTS, I've had colds and stuff bfore, but never like this. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a fever or a cold? If my doc prescibes antibiotics, are there any ones I should avoid?

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Make sure to drink extra water and fluids- gatorade, etc. Fevers make your body dehydrate quick. And with POTS a fever will make you extra miserable.

Avoid hot baths (even though you feel chilled) because it will raise your temperature more. You can take a cooler bath or place a cold wash cloth on your forehead. Eating popsicles will help too.

Lastly, I would recommend alternating tylenol with your advil to keep your fever down.

Rest up and hope you get feeling better soon!

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