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Need A Good Internist In Arizona


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Seems there's a few peeps that have Arizona as a home base.... Would any of you that have a good internist mind sharing with me who they are? Either by PM or here on the forum? I got hooked up with good Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor, great neurologist too - and a good rheumatologist, and a good nephrologist -- all at the Mayo Clinic - who said they would see me if I move to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. But it's a huge step to move and it's very important I find a good Primary Care Physician.....I see mine at least once a month as I have so many health issues that need tweaking. I have a window now where I have good insurance and if it's a Mayo Clinic internist (for locals) - that would probably be even better for continuity of care. But it's not necessary to be Mayo. Thank you! I'm hoping to find one that is up on orthostatic intolerance kinds of things too

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I have an excellent internist in Tucson, and also a cardiologist I really like. Phoenix is close enough if you need to go to Mayo in Scottsdale or Barrow in mid-town. I would chose Tucson over Phoenix, just because it's not quite as hot, and it's more of a 'small town atmosphere'. You should be able to meet all of your medical needs between Tucson and Phx. If you're coming to AZ to check things out, it would be great to meet with some of the others in the area. We do have several POTSIES here.

Good luck!


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With a few exceptions, Mayo does not have internists as primary care docs. The primary care are family practice. Our experience with 3 of them have ranged from mediocre to abysmal (don't get me started). When I spoke with a friend who is a nurse and her husband is a Mayo doc, she said that Mayo does not do primary care well. That there has been discussion that they should focus on what they do well - specialty medicine and diagnostics. Two people in my family see Mayo specialists and do not have a PCP there, as does our next door neighbor. So that's not a problem. And anyone can go to Mayo hospital.

There is an excellent practice centrally located in the Biltmore area - near 32nd St and Camelback. We see Dr. John DeGuzman there. He is outstanding. A good diagnostician, humble, compassionate, a good listener, smart... and knows about POTS a little, since he's my son's doc. And my son sees Goodman at Mayo. DeGuzman will talk things through with you rather than talk at you. Docs from that practice are frequently featured in the Phoenix magazine's list of best docs. He's also the head of internal medicine at Good Sam, and we've generally had good experiences there. One of the people online here has been going to Dr. Levine who is a neurologist on staff at Good Sam. Sometimes it's hard to get in as a new patient, so try to do that asap before all the snowbirds are back. It really makes a difference. And they're really picky about which insurance they take. We have BC/BS right now and they do take that.

FWIW, Michael's EP is Dr. Bahu at Biltmore Cardiology - same area of town. He's not the most patient listener, and he's not a POTS expert, but he's not bad. He's supposed to be the best EP in AZ. Having said that, the med changes that he's made have brought about the best improvement in Michael's POTS to date. Bahu is WAY better than the EP that we were referred to at Mayo. Ugh.

Are you seeing Goodman at Mayo or someone else?

Keep us all posted on your relocation and good luck!


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Thanks Jana! Thanks Dianne!

Hmm...I do have an Aunt who lives in Tuscon - and interestingly her son (my cousin) & I haven't seen each other since we played together as kids a bazillion years ago - Yet I got a phone message from my dad that he is coming to visit on Thursday of this week -- so we'll reconnect and I can speak with him about how his mom has fared in Tuscon.....I think she loves it from what I remember!

Thanks so much for the tip on an internist in the Phoenix area too -- I'll call tomorrow and see if I can get an appt. to establish myself in his practice. Sounds like he may not take new patients as he's so gifted in being a physician....But I'll give it a try...I have the good insurance I think till the end of the year - then it's Medicare.

The neuro I see is Dr. Goodman... I think it's Wochas for the blood pressure (nephrology) and Butters for PM&R, and Mertz for rheumatology. I liked all of them honestly.

I could scream (but of course I won't LOL) when I think of the suffering endured at the hands of all these doctors and physical therapists etc...who had no idea what the heck was going on with me -- who had the attitude at times of 'she's a wimp' -- or worse 'it's all in her head' Two full years of me persevering no matter what they said and thought for answers .... & in the first visit of three.......THE FIRST VISIT - Dr. Goodman explained to me most likely what happened and why. BAM. Done deal.

How do you thank someone like that? Well in my crazy way I tried to thank him the best I could.... But gosh I'd offer to reshingle his roof, take out his trash, walk the dog, rake leaves, do dishes, shovel snow, clean bathrooms, do taxes, heck anything for him to know how extremely and utterly grateful I am :-) Just one of those amazing moments in time....

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I'm so glad you had a good experience at Mayo. I too saw Butters and Wachos - I loved them too. They were so compassionate and kind. I wish Goodman had been there when I was there - but he wasn't and my neuro was awful. I also had a really good Internal med doc there - who was my pivotal doctor. She was wonderful = her name was Windgassen. When we finally do get answers it does make us forever grateful.

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Hello All!

I'm here in Tucson and am newly diagnosed and have been to Mayo for testing and another doc up in Phoenix but have had my primary care here in Tucson and my neurologist is just about at the end of list of ideas of how to help me.

I have had rather severe reactions to many drugs and after my experience the last few days I'm about ready to throw in the towel on the latest one. When i was searching for a doctor I was told my neurologist has had a lot of experience with POTS but in the end "a lot" seems to be a relative term.

If anybody is able to suggest a doctor in Tucson I would be greatly appreciative!


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