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  1. Thanks for adding me as a friend. It's been nice getting to know you a little...

  2. Thanks so much Dianne! If I may ask what type of non-medication approaches have worked for you? I'm moving towards more none medication approaches as of late (high salt, reiki, small meals, high water intake) and looking to try anything I can! Thanks! CoCo
  3. Hello All! This is my first time posting but I have been reading and am glad to know I am not alone! I developed POTS after a very minor surgery back in June and have been dizzy ever since. I'm still working full time and that is a small miracle. Overall I think that it is slowly getting better on it's own as I know I am less dizzy then I was 30 weeks ago but.... I have tried Metroplol, (did nothing) Bistolic (gave me severe shortness of breathe) Midodrine (I loved it! Was working so well until I got continues chest pains) and finally Flourinef (my dizziness which is my main problem got wor
  4. Also miso soup, pickles and olives, cottage cheese and turkey jerky plus of course poweraid!
  5. Hello All! I'm here in Tucson and am newly diagnosed and have been to Mayo for testing and another doc up in Phoenix but have had my primary care here in Tucson and my neurologist is just about at the end of list of ideas of how to help me. I have had rather severe reactions to many drugs and after my experience the last few days I'm about ready to throw in the towel on the latest one. When i was searching for a doctor I was told my neurologist has had a lot of experience with POTS but in the end "a lot" seems to be a relative term. If anybody is able to suggest a doctor in Tucson I would
  6. I also seem to "melt" by 4:30pm everyday no matter if I was active or not that particular day : / You are not alone!
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