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Wish Me Luck - Mayo Visit 12/9


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I could use all your support and strength--tomorrow we leave for Rochester for an appointment with the Great Wizard of POTShole--Dr. Low. This will be my third consultation so I kind of know the drill. I hope I have the energy to get from one place to another without keeling over.

Hopefully, Dr. Low can shed some light on how my POTS is going, why I have these relapses, and what to do about them.

Be well....


PS to Dancing Light Emily--no attachments to your Email.

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Hi Goldie,

wish you lots of strength on your Mayo visit. Hope Dr Low's light shines brightly over your POTS and that he can help you in doing something about your relapses.

BTW what means: keeling over? Just curious, take care,



Thanks for your warm wishes. Keel over = fall over, collapse.

The way we often feel when we are in an upright position.

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Goldie, safe travels and a fruitful consult to you!

Corina--keel is also the name of the bottom of a boat, so "keeling over" is a reference to the boat flipping over. :)


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Guest tearose

Dear Goldie, I wish you a wonderful journey to OZ! As you said, you know the drill so pack your most comfortable ruby slippers! I hope you get lots of information and that you ask all your questions before your exit interview/review! Go with courage, a bright mind and love. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about the trip. I'm sure you'll be glad to get back too cause' there's no place like home, tearose

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i really just want to send you good wishes...and lots of strength and courage. i try to hold onto that during the potsholes. i also know how overwhelming those trips can be and all that 'doctoring'. but, hold on to the fact that you have done so many tough things so far with POTS, you can do this! although, i know we can all think of a zillion other things we would rather be doing, than using every dribble of energy we have left to go to the doctor and then recover after that!

do you have anything to take on the trip that will make it less 'yucky'...i always take a book on tape or pics of my pooches! :) if i look at a pic of my pooch...it can make me smile pretty much no matter what! :)

how will you be traveling there? car? plane? it is quite a trip for you, isn't it?

i hope too, that the trip is worth it in the sense of answers! please update us when you can.


p.s. will send that darn email again! warning to dinet: do not, i repeat, do not entrust me with any volunteer activities that require computer skills! :)

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Best of luck in Oz. I remember when we drove to Mayo as we appraoched Rochester and could see Mayo in the distance it really did feel like we were entering the land of Oz and that I was going to meet with the Wizard.

Hope Dr Low can give you some answers. Remember to write down any questions ahead of time. I felt a little rushed at the end with him so it helped to have a list.

Have a safe trip.

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Nina, You are a whiz with words. Do you know where the expression - pushing the envelope came from? I was at an international meeting in Geneva when one of my colleagues used that expresssion. The interpreters working in French, German, Spanish, and Chinese had a heck of a time with that one!

Good wordsmithing, Nina...

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G--good luck w/your trip ... keep us posted upon your return; we're all rooting for you!

Now call me a queerball, but I couldn't resist googling Pushing the Envelope. One site says: "Pushing the Envelope This is an aviation term. It means pushing the aircraft to its limits, especially in the context of flight testing. Envelope has several secondary definitions referring to a collection of curves (mathematical and engineering jargon). So in the world of aeronautical engineering the envelope is the collection of curves that describe the maximum performance of an aircraft. To push the envelope is to take the aircraft to the edge of what it was designed to do and try and take it beyond."

A slightly more interesting discussion: "Pushing the envelope" is a good example of how jargon -- the specialized or technical vocabulary of a group or profession -- gradually enters general usage. "Pushing the envelope" comes from the jargon of test pilots, and has actually been around since the end of the Second World War. The "envelope" involved is a sort of visual metaphor for the technical limits of a high-performance aircraft. A graph of such an aircraft's performance would appear as a rising slope as the craft approaches its limits of speed and stress, then fall off rapidly (putting it mildly) when the plane exceeds its capacity and the pilot loses control. Safety, relatively speaking, lies within these limits, or "inside the envelope." A pilot who "pushes the envelope" and tries to exceed the known capabilities of the aircraft risks what engineers delicately term "catastrophic system failure," otherwise known as a crash.

Because "pushing the envelope" had such a esoteric origin, it took a best-selling book -- Tom Wolfe's "The Right Stuff" in 1979 -- and later the popular movie "Top Gun" to introduce it to the general public. Since then it has begun to crop up in increasingly non-technical contexts, to the point where it is now a currently trendy metaphor for simply "pushing it," or testing the limits of what is permissible in a given situation."

There are some really cool web sites out there--I just typed in the phrase and the words "history" and "expression" and voila!

Anyway, be well--and best of luck.


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Merrill, yes, in that sense, the "envelope" is the aviation metaphor for the atmosphere the envelops Earth.

:) Words--like I've said before, there's nothing like finding the exact descriptor. I must have some of my Mom's author and story teller genes in me.


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