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Anyone Get Sick When They Have A Work-up At Dr Office?


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I just got back from meeting with my new neurologist. It was great and she was very attentive. But she had to do all the preliminary testing. I had to walk heal to toe, walk on my heels, stand with my feet together and eyes closed, finger to nose, etc. Then she had to do all the tests for neuropathy. Vibrations and stuff. Anyway I was so dizzy and nauseated, heart pounding, headache/pressure, and my mind was zoning out/confused. This isn't the first time this has happened. Anytime some does my b/p or pulse, tempature, or exam of any sort I get a variation of these symptoms. The longer the appointment/tests the worse the symptoms. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Hmmm. Sure this isn't related to your recent surgery? Guess not, if it happens every time. I tend to feel nervous when I see a doc, that causes my HR to go faster & my BP to rise artificially. Now that you mention it, especially if I'm given lots of paperwork, my Reynaud's flares big time- like I don't have enough blood to spare a drop or two for hands and feet. AND, when my allergist has my breathe in and out fast when he checks my heart/lungs, I almost always pass out. So embarrassing and frustrating.

I guess you're not alone :P . Be extra vigilant during this post-operative period just in case you have a delayed reaction to something.


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I had almost the exact thing happen the last time I went to a new neurologist. At the end of the exam, I was lying flat on the examining table, and when I tried to sit up I couldn't because the room was spinning and I was so off-balance and nauseated. You're not alone!

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