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please send me some good luck


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Dear Hayley,

Hope things go well for your visit. Still in the midst of trying to figure out my POTS case, I can sympathize with your fear and frustration, but am glad to hear that you are not giving up. I'll be praying for peace of mind for you and wisdom for the doctors. Happy Thanksgiving and let us know how things go.

With love, Angela

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Good luck :blink:

Definitely write down all of your symptoms over the weekend, try not to miss any and give them the list. Make sure you tell them what exacerbates your symptoms, such as exertion, standing, laying, what ever might effect you.

Suggestion, you might also want to print out some information to give them on POTS and Dysautonomia. You may be working with some doctor's that know nothing or very little about this illness. (what does everyone else think here?)

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Guest veryblue

good luck...hope they find something treatable for you...who knows maybe they will find something wrong in you and it ends up somethig being wrong in many POTS patients and many of us can be cured...you might be making history...keep us posted!

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