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Gluten test came back


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OK, here's what it says:

"The initial screening test was elevated/high but more specific test for substance called gliadin was negative. Therefore, it appears that your symptoms are not caused by a glutten allergy."

I am already cutting way down on glutten and feeling better in the bowels. I will continue to do this, regardless of the results. I guess what I'm asking is what now? I asked for a GI refural, but they said "it wasn't really needed as I feel better now". :unsure: Boy they really get me steamed. I guess they will wait till it gets bad again.

I am looking for any help that you folks can give me in the area of gluten free foods, what to get, where to get it, hopefully recipies?

Anything would be greatly app!


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See the following post--I gave a few sources there:


and then I also use a bakery in Philly called Mr. Ritts--a post about them:


and here's their website:


:unsure: Nina

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You are quite welcome for the referral. Paul is one upstanding human. Two years ago, he donated a whole bunch of gluten free cookies to the school I was working for---and just because I mentioned that I worked w/ kids w/ autism and a few were on the same diet as me! Pretty neat. I haven't been able to get down there to the store in a while, but their cakes are amazing. If you're a chocoholic, the succartorte (spelling???) is AMAZING. So good that ALL my relatives ate it and wanted more!

back to the books with me!


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