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Pepto Bismol


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hi all,

i am back to having a bowel flare - too many bms, bad hypoglycemia episodes, feeling very light-headed, weak, cold sweats, etc...

i haven't had much success with imodium or probiotics. has anyone ever tried pepto bismol? any good or bad resposes you can share?

thank you!

~ broken shell

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I used a ton of it when I was really sick -- but my problem was mostly extremely bad pain from food and/or being very tachy with breathing problems in the heat. It helped a little (very little) with those problems and didn't cause me any ill effects. For all I know however, I would have had to use the bathroom (even a lot) more without it during that time -- so maybe it will help.

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I love Pepto!! My friend all summer. It didn't bind me up like Immodium..although it didn't control all the diahrea either..but for me I'd rather still have some diahrea as opposed to the constipation (too bad there isn't a third option!). Very gentle drug as far as I am concerned and I lifed that. I like the tablets better than drinking the chalk stuff but I am sure the have the same net affect :D

Good luck..hang in there.


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I stopped using it as it turns my tongue black, :blink: a listed side effect in some people. I use the prescribed lopermide 2mg 1tb twice a day. When real flared it will be oreded differently. It's a mad game I play to get this bowel working somewhat right,


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