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Hypotension Without Tachycardia


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I've fainted several times since a general anaesthetic 7 days ago.

I've had episodes of tachycardia and hypotension, which I'm used to.

But there's stuff that's different too: several times now my blood pressure has bottomed out but I am NOT mounting a tachycardia- in fact the obs suggest that my pulse doesn't change at all.

I wonder if the reason I faint is because the tachycardia is not kicking in to compensate for the hypotension.

But I'm just wondering WHY would this happen? why would I be unable to mount a tachycardia? It is very strange.

Is this simple Postural Hypotension?

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What is 'bottoming out' and when is it happening? Is this when you're going from supine to standing? Hypotension would just mean a low blood pressure at any time, which generally means anything below 90/60 or so. Postural or orthostatic hypotension would involve a low BP when you get it when you stand up from lying down, to a lesser degree from sitting to standing, and when you've been standing too long. You can certainly faint from low BP with or without the accompanying tachycardia to compensate for your low BP. I can faint when I go from 100/70 and 60 HR to standing BP 75/62 and 125, or even when I'm bending over and stand up too fast...

What does your doctor say? Is it isolated events?

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Probably your NCS? Some people have both NCS AND POTS. My PCP wanted me to get checked for this, but my unstable BPs and heart rates are most likely secondary to the brain stem compression, which in turn affects my autonomic nervous system. This is what has been put in clinical notes by more then one doctor. I have low BP with normal heart rates all the time. I often wonder if I have those really distrubing heart flip flops, just before the adrenaline flows and my heart starts racing, that it could be due to low BP and low to noraml heart rate. It comes on so suddenly, and I have to squat down quickly.

Keep us posted on what you find out.

Maxine :0)

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