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Strange Symptoms Before Cold Set In - What?


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I've had the flu with POTS. Awful. And allergy issues. But I can't remember a full-on cold. Now I have one (sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, etc).

I'm fairly certain it is a cold as I've had them in my life before and you just kind of can tell.

I started to feel a bit crappy a couple of days ago but figured it was allergies/the sniffles. Then yesterday I was severely dizzy when I was out with my husband and came home with awful body aches. Not like the flu, but if I barely touched my leg or shoulder it hurt badly! I've had body aches before with POTS, but these were much more prominent than usual especially when even light pressure was applied. So that plus severe dizziness (and I could account dehydration for some of the dizziness, but the weird pain?) were out of the blue. And then my cold kicked in full force so of course I feel like crap.

I still have more overall body aches than usual (which I assume is normal for a cold)...but feel 'worse' than I have before with a cold if that makes sense. :P

So I guess it is similar to having a flu? POTS hates you having a cold as much as a flu? So it's just more pain and suffering? :(

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Everything is worse with POTS. I started with strep throat & sinus infection 6 weeks ago & I still am not well. I was told I should be better in 7 days & I still am dizzy & lethargic most of the time. There has been a viral inf (or that's what the dr's are calling it) going around here but I don't know if body aches are symptoms. Your symptoms do sound more like a flu. Hope you're better soon.

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I find that my body "knows" I'm sick before I do. I can get certain different "hints" that my body is fighting something. For me, my interstitial cystitis may start giving me problems (feels like a urinary tract infections, but is not). I may feel run down more than usual, or just feel "off". I try to get more rest when this happens as it may mean that my nervous system "knows" something that I do not.

I forgot to mention, another thing I have had happen to me prior to "knowing" I am fighting an illness is, I get a "vertigo attack". It may last for 1/2 second, but I know something isn't right and that I may be coming down with something.

Oh yes, recovery is prolonged since I've had POTS.

I hope you get over the cold really quickly.

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I'm with you. I'm coming down with something myself. I don't feel well, and I haven't felt well for days. I'm taking my temperature and waiting to see if it's the flu. I have a 99.3 now, with a headache and general nausea and the "blahs". Oh well, like I said, I'm with you.

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