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I'm So Proud!


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My 5th grade son placed second in the school geography-bee today! :D :D :D

He was up against eight others from the 4th-8th grades from the entire school. I am SO proud of him! Today was allergy-shot day, so I didn't take my BB and I was shaking pretty badly by the end of it. I don't know if his palms were cold and sweaty, but mine sure were! :)

His whole class had made signs to hold up in the crowd since they weren't allowed to clap till the end.

Low key party at my house tonight! :P

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Tell him I'm PROUD of him + a friend of your's. THAT'S SWEET!!!! : ) EXCELLEXT!!! Wish I could still spell.


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Yeah!!! I'll bring pretzels and gatorade :-)

Did he study or is he naturally brilliant like his Mama?


He got all his geo-knowledge from his Air Force Daddy. I flunked geography! :blink: At least for US states, there was a bunch of square states West of the Mississippi that I never figured I'd live in so I never studied! I thought sure that if I ever needed to go there, I'd have a map. :D

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