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Need a BP monitor


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Guest tearose

mindylee1, I have used a "Polar" heart rate monitor (happily for years) that can be purchased at any sports type store. It is a simple monitor that I set to go into alarm at a "high" and a "low". They have a web site of polarusa.com I use a "mark of fitness" wristwatch style blood pressure monitor. This I purchased through QVC. I have been very happy with this too. You will find mixed reviews on the wrist type vs. arm type cuff. I have had no trouble with accuracy or using the wrist version. Hope this helps, tearose

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I have an automatic Omron BP monitor at home. I've heard the manual ones are more accurate than the automatic, but I don't know how to operate the manual ones! The BP monitor also measures heart rate, but the HR measure is not that reliable.

I also have a separate Polar wrist monitor which comes with a strap to wear around my chest. This has an ECG accurate heart rate. I have bad of tachycardia, so it is really useful that I can turn it on and get an exact reading of my HR at any time. It helps to calm me down when I think my HR is high and it actually isn't :P , and also provides helpful info when I am actually having tachycardia.

I got them both at drugstore.com. Amazon.com also has a good selection too.

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the wrist ones look tempting b/c they would be so much easier...plus i feel like by the time i fiddle around to get the arm cuff on my bp is changing all over the place and i am not getting the reading i want.

still, as said earlier, the arm cuffs are supposed to be the most accurate.

i have an automatic one to b/c i think it is just easier to use.

i have an omron. that was the one dr. grubb recommended to me.

there are so many choices out there now! you could check on amazon.com...or some other site that they have reviews of products. i always find those really helpful.

also, you can ask your pharmacist.

and lastly, i think consumer reports has done ratings.

depends how much energy you want to put in to shopping for a cuff! you can't really go wrong with an omron i don't think.

tearose, i am glad tha tyou have had good luck with that wrist one...i may check those out. thanks.

later alligators!


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Hi Mindy - I have an Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Arm Cuff that also takes heart rate. It is pretty accurate - It reads about 5 points higher on the bp than the manual reading the nurse gets at my drs.office, so when I use it I just deduct 5 points from my top bp #, but my heart rate is usually fairly accurate. You can reach Omron Customer Service at 1-800-634-4350 for more info or look on their website at www.omronhealthcare.com - Hope this info. helps you. Have a nice weekend . :P Beth

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