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Vitamin D


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Maxine mentioned on an earlier discussion that Vitamin D makes her symptoms worse. Does anyone else experience this? My son hasn't been so great lately. Now that I think about it, he's been taking Vitamin D for the last couple of months. I wonder now if that's contributing to an increase in his symptoms.

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Vitamin D makes me feel much better, but I have a chronic insufficiency.

I have read that an excess of Vitamin D can give you the same symptoms as too little (sleeplessness, exhaustion, irritability, blood sugar problems); it is possible to overdose on D if you take supplements. Is your son taking supplements because he has low levels? If he doesn't have low D, maybe the supplements are making his D too high?

Also, I think the type of supplement can sometimes matter - I take 2000 IUDs a day and have no adverse side effects, but I didn't feel good when I took the once-a-month mega-dose.

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Interesting thread...I've thought there was something odd going on w/ me and vitamin d but since it's supposed to help I didn't think it was possible. But maybe it is! I was taking the 50000/week dose and really felt crappy after I would take it - not immediately but the few days following. I have switched to 2000 of d3 (i have upped it to 6000/day to almost even out the 50000 units I would have had otherwise). I take that daily and don't think it makes me feel as icky.

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