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Extreme Dizziness?


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Does anyone else get this? The past few days for me have been horrible. I'm always dizzy but it's been so much worse lately. To the point where I'm afraid to walk around much. I heard that symptoms get worse in the winter time? Is that true? Also..I've been on a beta blocker (only .5mg) but now my blood pressure doesn't change much from the 95/65 area. Could that be making the dizziness worse? I'm new to all this and I don't know what is considered low enough to make you feel even worse. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Blood pressure numbers and how they affect individuals really varies from person to person. Someone might have a BP of 85/60 and feel just fine, whereas some people have a BP of 100/60 and feel absolutely horrible. Low blood pressure is considered anything lower than 90/60. Is 95/65 normal for you? Is that when you're lying, sitting, standing? Also, usually summers and heat make people with POTS feel worse, but everyone is different in their symptomology, too.

Hope this helps!



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Potsgirl is right. Numbers don't mean much accross the board- if 95/65 is low for you, that could be contributing to your dizziness. 95/65 is high for me, and I would probably feel better if mine were what yours is.

How long have you been on the beta-blocker? Sometimes lowered blood pressure is a side effect of beta-blockers.

As far as the seasons, I did feel better in the summer eventhough I couldn't go outside. Maybe it's something to do with the barometric pressure..? Each person is different.

And to answer your questions, you are not alone. I also experience mysterious vertigo episodes that seem to come completely out of the blue. They leave me bedridden until they pass after about 3 or 4 days.

You said you are new to this, .. new to the forum or newly diagnosed?

Have you experienced a flair up like this before?


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Well, for me I think it's on the lower side lately. I've been starting to keep track of it and on my good days it's usually in the 100's/80 (at least). I'm both newly diagnosed and new to the boards. I've had problems with dizziness for a long time..I hit my head when I was 12 and since then, the dizzy spells would come and go..but I'd have good days in between for weeks or even months at a time. Within the last year it's been almost everyday, and recently the dizziness has gotten worse and is almost constant. I had the tilt table done a month ago and the doctor said he thinks that the majority of my problems is coming from the POTS and whatever dizziness is left over after treating the POTS, I'll have to go back to my neurologist for since he thinks some is also caused from hitting my head. I complained so much about the dizziness I had years ago, and I look back and think what was I complaining about because it's so much worse now. I've been taking Pindolol and FlorineF both for about a month now. I don't know how long they would take to kick in..Or if they can be making me worse..Or if it's just a really bad time for me..I'm pretty much clueless at this point.

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