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  1. Oh gosh I just saw both of these replies. Esoskis: Thank you for putting some ideas in my head I hadn't thought of! I am seeing my doctor in two days so will talk to him about all of this. Corina: I had no idea that many airports have this option. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! And that's a bummer you weren't able to get your meds as needed. I know POTS is a pain and we are.. well... high maintenance Thanks!
  2. hi POTSIES! I haven't flown out of the country since I was diagnosed 6 years ago. I have a trip planned to Europe for a wedding, and plan to get fluids before the flight but am not sure how to get fluids for the return flight. Have any of you dealt with this? I'm afraid to fly without fluids ... Thanks so much. Any advice is appreciated
  3. Thanks to all of you.. I really appreciate it. Several of you have suggested getting IV fluids before the flight. Is this easy to do? Do I need a prescription or referral ? THANKS!
  4. Hi all, hope you are doing well! ~I have a trip planned to Europe (live in GA) which involves an 8 hour flight. Should I cancel the trip?~ I'm hoping you guys can share with me your flying experiences. I know air travel is rough for POTSies, but how rough? I've had POTS since 2009, have flown on 2 and 3 hours flights a couple of times but nothing longer. My experience was unpleasant, but I bounced back a couple of hours after landing. Thanks tons
  5. Yup! My symptoms came on after getting vaccinations before a trip to Africa. Don't know which one did it, as I received about 6 in one day (stupid of me).
  6. thanks potsgirl* I would think that was it too except i don't throw up very much at all. . not to be graphic but really just a few bites- something about the bending over and pressure in my head, that feeling lasts for days.. like i've been lifting too much weight or something.. ya know that feeling?
  7. oh and I've asked my doctor about it, he says he doesn't know... that's usually the answer I get from him.. pleease any thoughts. thanks!
  8. I hope all of you are feeling descent today* AlthoughI've improved over the last several months, indigestion and nausea are still major problems for me. Not often, but sometimes, like today, I'll eat a meal and it will come back up after 5-10 minutes (sorry this is gross!!). I've had endoscopies and mobility testing- everythings fine i just get nauseous.. My question is: After I vomit, I will feel extra dizzy for the next two days..? Why is this? It scares me. I always think I've done something harmful to my body or something. I just want to understand why I'm dizzy after getting sick... ANY comments will be appreciated* happy 4th xo Maisie
  9. I'm sitting at home and felt a huge wave of dizziness and ringing in my ears, rapid heart rate.. you know.. all the POTS feelings- and it was out of no where! Then about 10 minutes later, skies turned black, it began to poor, thunder, lighting cracking.. This has happened to me several times now- a spell before a storm. Anyone else experience this before weather changes??? kinda freaks me out... thanks! Maisie
  10. wow im sorry, I wonder why.. haha. not standing up- noted. thanks
  11. personal question.. I've been wondering if it's safe for POTS patients to sex- I don't know if it's too much for the body.. I know some of us, like myself, are so weak we can barely brush our teeth.. . so having sex is out of the question. I asked my doctor about it and he kept saying, "all you need to be worrying about is getting better".. yea hello! I know. I'm just curious. Just wondering if any of your doctors have commented on this at all.. Maisie
  12. One of my friend's just got diagnosed with Sjorgen's (sp.?). Her main complaints for so long were constant yeast infections, dry eyes, and extreme thirst. Perhaps the yeast infections are part of the the syndrome? Hope you find some answers. for your enjoyment
  13. ! O I misread the #3 about the hand** my hand definitely turns blue and cold-bulging veins
  14. 1. Mine are unusually large during an episode and sometimes slightly different sizes. 2. Head feels terrible when I lean forward- throbbing/pulsating/dizzy 3. hands are white and cold after being in that position for 5 min.
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