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successful surgery


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:lol: HI,

This is the first time i have written but Michelle has posted for me before. I am Katsusu or Kathleen. Michelle had asked for prayers for me due to an surgery i was due to have. Welll, i have had the 1 st surgery of a 2 part surgery and am happy to say that i came out of it very well. in fact better then expected by everybody including the doctors. I recovered better then most his patients. I had a cage put in my L4 L5 and S1. I am going to have the cartiledge replaced next time.

I know everybody is wondering how the POTS did. Well, due to doctors that listen to me - read the information i gave them - and did research on POTS themselves- POTS did very well. It was so nice for the doctors to listen to me and even ask me my recommendation about POTS. It took alittle time to recover from the surgery- the doctors kept me in ICU - over night and pumped me with IV fluid - kept pressure hose on my legs and kept me lying down flat for the first night. I think that helped me body recover without the POTS getting in the way. I think that was the main reason that i did well.

The POTS did act up sometimes - especially in the morningsand after meals. But nothing that bad. But what was weird was one night the IV infusion they were giving me -that inflitrated my skin . My arm became cold and swollen. I noticed it right away so the nurses could fix it right away. But about 5 mins. later I started feeling my pulse go faster and started feeling light headed and nauseus. I knew right away POTS was reacting to what has just happened to my arm. But did not know why. I had the nurse call the on-staff doctor but quickly realized that he did not know or understand POTS - and I basically told him so. ((Ops)) I did not mean to be rude but - it just happened. Next day i told my doctor - he did not know why it happened but later i figured out why POTS acted up- and was able to explain it to my doctor- whoagreed with me.

My thoughts were that if POTS is basically my autonomic nervous system reacting to things that happen to my body the wrong way. It did not like what happened to my arm and it started reacting the way it knows how- by over reacting. It kept over reacting -increasing my pulse- till my arm went back to normal -the next day.

i actually learned alot from this experience- I learned how my body is so sensatives to any negative influnce. I have a cold now and POTS is making me feel worse then the cold. Ialso am learning people with POTS just don't feel bad for nothing -but if my pulse is up -that usually tells me something is going on. But the medical field does not understand that a few points up or down can effect me - so what could be a normal blood pressure with a 90 to 100 hr while sitting -might not be to bad for some people but to me it tells me POTS is up because sitting it is usually in the 80s and when really good in the high 70s. When i am in that range - i feel pretty good. When i get up higher nos.- I feel bad.

Anyways, what i wanted to say is thank-you for the prayers and know your body and how it reacts - so you can teach the doctors.



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So glad that you did very well on your first surgery and know that you will be in our thoughts for the second. POTS does raise its ugly head when the body is tampered with and certainly surgery and its aftermath can certainly cause some problems. It is indeed unfortunate that doctors do not understand all the impacts that POTS can have.

All our best wishes for a speedy recovery now and prayers for your good recovery for your second surgery,


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Kathleen, it is so good to hear from you and learn that you are doing well considering what you have been through. It is amazing the difference a medical experience can be when you have doctors who are on your side and willing to acknowledge that you are more the expert than they are with regards to POTS. I am glad you found the right one for your surgeries.

I hope you will keep us posted on your next surgery. All the best.

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Dear Kathleen,

I am happy to hear that your surgery went well. I have old compression fractures of my L1 and L2 from a back injury 35 years ago and wonder if it is related to my POTS now. Is there any relationship that you know of between your dysautonomia and back condition? I also had recent minor surgery and surprised myself how well I coped. Hope that you continue to improve. Martha

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