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History Of Cardiomyopathy In Family??


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YES. I've wondered this myself! There's a lot of heart failure in my mother's line. My mother doesn't have cardiomyopathy, but has coronary heart disease and 50% renal failure (she's 67).

I created a genogram using information I gathered from other family members and from death certificates. Here's my direct maternal line, starting with my grandmother:

Grandmother: congestive heart failure

Great-grandfather: "muscular heart disease"

2nd great grandmother: "cardiac asthma"

My grandmother had 12 siblings - two died as babies and a brother died in a car accident. Of the remaining 9 siblings: one brother had "cardiac decompensation", another "pulmonary insufficiency" (i.e. pulmonary valve of heart); a sister with Atrial Fibrillation, another sister with Ventricular Fibrillation. A third sister died of cancer, but also had MVP.

I'm convinced there's something to this. Sorry so morbid on my first post!


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I don't know about Cardiomyopathy, as I've never heard the term from anyone in my family, but on my mom's side there were many of her sibbling who had heart failure. She has had severe headache most of her life, so maybe this is connection also. I really think for some of us, there is a genetic link, but where that link is can be difficult to trace at times.

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HMMMMM! Grandmother with cardiomyopathy. I had cardiomyopathy after my last pregnancy with an EF of 30%. It's resolved now thankfully. Grandmother and all 4 of her children had congenital heart defects as well. I also have a heart defect. Could be some connection?


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