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Ab Discomfort


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Yea, I'm an abdominal bloater. Sometimes so bad I have trouble getting a full breath. I've tried to explain this to g.i. doctors and they just don't get how severe it can get! FOR ME, the longer I stand up, the more AIR I get in my stomach and I assume blood pooling in my abdomen. I don't understand the mechanics behind the air in my stomach, but if I burp, it gets slightly better.

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Yeah, bloat and itch sometimes especially after a meal (abdominal itching is most common for me with exercise)... on occasion pulse gets visible and pressured in that area. Might be worse from staying overhydrated but kinda have to do that to help stabilize BP.

It's a little like "ascites" which happens to be known for "shortness of breath as well as wheezing and exercise intolerance". It makes crude sense to me that being overhydrated and having some underlying vascular abnormalities would make one prone to some extra leakage along with the basic extra "flow" involved after a meal.

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