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Spell Check?


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The forum does not offer built in spell check. My best suggestion is to write your post on your computer in program like word, spell check it there, then copy and paste it into a post.


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I think you're in excellent company, Kayjay, so don't worry too much. I think many of us here wince when we see some of the things we've inadvertently misspelled or the poor grammar we've used. No worries.

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I can totally understand. I find this annoying, but I deal with it. I use dictionary.com to double check somehting I'm not sure of.

It has no reflection on how smart you are. My dad graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Master's degree, but struggled with spelling. My mom always helped him with that.

I can spell complicated words, but find that I mis-spell the easier ones.

Maybe you can try dictionary.com also. However, there's those times you have the brain fog and think your spelling is just fine and find out later your not------------ :P

I think people on this forum would understand and not judge someone because something is mis-spelled--------------- :)

Maxine :0)

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Definitely no big deal about the spelling here! As a tip, you can use the "Firefox" web browser to get spellcheck for any website where you type stuff in and post it, including this one! It is free, quite popular, and works great. It highlights unrecognized words with a red underline as you type, then you can "right-mouse-click" on the word to see suggested corrections. It helps keep me spelling good (grammar it does not do :P You can find Firefox browser here:


If you use shared computers like at a school or library, then you probably cannot add Firefox yourself... but you could ask if it is an option.

If you are not comfortable adding software to your computer, please run it by someone that can give you advice & direct assistance... chances are they are familiar with Firefox already and could give you a hand. I'd hate to advise you to do something but be unable to assist if it complicates your computer use! It works great, but you know computers... there are always things that can get tricky.

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