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Headaches After Weight Lifting


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Honestly....after any real activity I get very ill. I am sitting here feeling awful...I triedd to do some swimming with my kids and I now even on my toprol my hr is 117...altho I don't even have to have the increased hr to feel awful...the key to feeling bad is activity.. :lol: The key feeling better is no activity and laying flat.............then the cycle starts again.

Someone on here smarter than I can tell you why...but yes..I get get headaches...pressure in my head..my nose runs...I shake feel so weak I can't even stand...after activity..


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I get a nastier headache than I usually have, and my legs and arms will get tremors. I have to go up stairs in my fitness club to get to the treadmills, and that alone can leave me breathless! If I'm working out on a particular day, I know I can't do much more than come back home and rest for an hour or more. Once in a while, though, I can work out and still feel fairly decent. Hope this happens to you, too!



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I have wet dreams about being able to lift again someday.........lol. It's what I miss the most about having POTS. At first I fought hard to not give in and created an all sitting workout routine, but the holding pressure it takes to workout just wiped me out. I don't last 5 minutes trying to lift, I was dizzy, weak, shaky and sick to my stomach. Not sure if lifting and dysautonomia will ever mix.

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