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Pots In The Eyes, Pots In The Ears

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There is a question I have been wanting to ask for awhile.

I have had POTS for about 6 years and in the last several months I have been experiencing temporary hearing loss and very fuzzy near vision.

My MD sent me to the eye and ear gurus and I have been diagnosed with

Endolymphatic Hydrops (hearing loss due to sodium fluctuations, but they didn't use the term Meniers though) and

Tonic Eye (cannot focus between near and far, lesions on spine/cranial nerves, sluggish deep tendon reflexes)

They year before a perfussion test showed decreased perfussion in my left pointer finger and it would turn purple and cold, kind of like Raynauds, but in only 1 finger (Yes, very fashionable')

Does this profile sound familiar to anyone? I think its wierd that after so many years, now new dysfunction etc. Each consulting MD said it was due to dysautonomia, but I've never read these as part of POTS necessarily.

Does anyone have experience with these? These are making it very hard to get ready for dates!! :) (or even get a date!!) :):P:P

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Add me to this group as well. I have convergence insufficiency (my eyes won't focus on the near.) I've had a neuro-opthamologist tell me it was early presbyopia (old-age eyes,) but it is related to the severity of my POTS symptoms. I think it is just another facet of dysautonomia for me. I can compensate using a special pair of glasses that are my prescription with a +2 lens together in the lenses; this helps tremendously with reading and near work. My eyes do not have to strain to converge and so I don't get the effort headache on top of my daily headache. :)

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