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Out of interest - I was wondering if there are any male-specific symptoms??

Postural hypertension anyone?? Please share your symptoms... What kind of onset? visual symptoms? pooling, etc??

I am 22 year male here is a list of my symptoms. Also as far as postural hyperstension my docter did say i had it origianlly but since take my own blood pressure i havent noticed it.

lately my symptoms have been as of last couple weeks.


-Spasms(head and digestion sometimes)

-Burping alot after eating sometimes

-Muscle stiffness in my right hand /forearm for last week this really pisses me off. Feels like i am the tin man and i need some oil too loosen it up or something.

-Heart rate usually goes up about 30bpm on standing then settles down a bit

-Often very sore throat, difficulty drinking liquids sometimes, trouble breathing feels like

-Sometimes poor balance when walking around, atleast i feel like i stagger sometimes, although when i try to concentrate on my balance its perfect?

-Feels to be post nasal drip (I am not certain of this)

-Strong fatigue after large meals, sometimes increased symptoms over all

-I dont know if i have blood pooling, i dont notice any change in color on my limbs.

-Urinary frequency(this has been a issue that happend to me over 2 years prior but i feel it is related), sometimes pain with sex, i was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis but i believe it be a nerve issue because they're was never real evidence for a enlarged prostate.

-Anxiety attacks occasionally, usually brought on by new or intensified symptoms

- i also seem to get sick easy

Thats all i can think of for recent and active symptoms...

Symptoms i have had, that i have less now.

Chest pain,

Noticeable Tachycardia,

Brain Fog(i still have this but less lately think)

EDIT: Forgot to mention how this came to be.

Well like i said 3 years ago i had a infection that gave my bladder a wierd reaction i still have today that i believe to be Auto-immune nerve problem. When i full blown "POTS" i was weight training for a year prior hardcore and i just started settlign down on it, i took a break for a week or so. It happend the day after 4th of july which followed a decent amount of drinking energy drinks and alcohol. I also believe i picked up a virus from my girlfriend, next day i was in the hospital and they released me 3 days later with "gastritis" which had no evidence for it hah. But it did make sense i had a virus i was in there with a 130bpm heart rate resting for 3 days!

Anyways i have a feeling my POTS is related to a autoimmune function. Even my docter said he thinks it could be caused by some confused antibodies attacking the receptors of the nervous system. Also when he diagnosed me with dysautonomia he siad he "thinks" i have it. As confident as that sounds the closest thing to diagnosis i have gotten.

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... diagnosed with chronic prostatitis but i believe it be a nerve issue because they're was never real evidence for a enlarged prostate...

{I know I'm not suppose to be stepping into this men's club discussion ;-), so my apologies up front.}

The issue of autoimmune and this seemingly revolving door of systems that breakdown in our body is of interest to me. I've spoken to a man recently with the same kind of 'nerve' pain you mentioned and I know other POTS women who have vulvadynia. I suspect the two are related.

It seems to me that the autoimmune disease moves from different parts of the body and we see these cycles of symptoms -- NCCP, IBS, Ear-nose-throat, and various muscle or nerve involvement at various times.

No answers ... of course. Just interesting that the cluster of symptoms are so similar ... guess no accident though, that vagus nerve touches all of them.

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Add another symptom to my list, I never heard of prostratitis but the symptoms are similar to what I experience every now and then. The prostrate checks out normal during physical exam and blood tests. The last blood tests showed a slight indication for kidney disease. My blood pressure also rises when I stand and I have severe pooling (44% drop in circulating blood volume). Fatigue is almost everyday, periods of insomnia due to what I call adrenalin rushes. Brain fog, light headiness and confusion. Bloating and I put on weight very easy perhaps due to lack of activity (I use to be very active) but I wonder if I could be developing cushings disease. I also can not keep my ferritin (sp?) above the lower limits without taking supplements. The level stops dropping shortly after stopping the supplements.

My wife thinks I have a tick borne disease and there may be something to that or maybe some other infection but getting tested is like pulling teeth. When I ask to be tested they keep giving me the cheap test that is not that accurate, supposedly lyme disease is not that common in this area ( however, I have known several people who have had it.)

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It seems to me that the autoimmune disease moves from different parts of the body and we see these cycles of symptoms -- NCCP, IBS, Ear-nose-throat, and various muscle or nerve involvement at various times.

yeah that is how I feel - I have Ankylosing Spond as well but only fairly mildly, so somewhere or other is either aching from that or something else - recurring low-grade fevers, jaw pain, ear pain, sore throats, POTS going up and down, back pain, visual disturbances (visual snow), migraines and now Ptosis of one eye lid.

Honestly I dont know where POTS starts and something else begins, but these presentations all indicate a autoimmune pathology to me.

As for me:

- Tired as a teenager but otherwise fine

- Random slight dizziness that went away and was ignored 1999

- sudden onset of recurring persisant migraine aura - ocular migraines 2000

- BP found to be 140/90 on standing but no symptoms so ignored 2001

- Sudden onset of major symptoms (from none to 100%) after 1. trip overseas, cold, drinking two nights previous and heavy exercise. Onset was after a run. Heart rate was out of contrl, nearly fainted LYING DOWN.

- Dizzy all day, every day for four months, hand and body tremors, insomnia, feeling wired and tired, vitreous floaters, cold feet and hands, beau's lines, ptosis, tachycardia, weakness, paleness, postural anxiety, sensitivity to everything

- gradual improvement over 12 months

- Onset of Ankylosing Spondilitis four months after onset of POTS

- relapse after overseas travel 2005.

- serious relapse after overseas travel 2008.

- Ok between boutes - sometimes well enough to run and swim three times a week.

- All sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms I try to ignore

- Postural hypertension when I feel relatively well, high normal when feeling foggy/dizzy.

- Horrid migraines - super mad auras where I feel like Im gonna die (fun times)

- Intolerance to aftershave (figure that one out LOL)

- No pooling evident - hands and feet usually cold and raynauds from overexcessive reflex vasoconstriction.

Diagnosed with Persistance Migraine aura, Hyperadrenergic POTS (NET deficiency confirmed during vein biospy).


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