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Wow....what nice young men!! i am impressed. I am old enough to be their mothers (46) and have a young son (11) so it made me think of how nice he is. It also made me think of how awful it is to be young and ill. I don't like it much at my age either and have kids dependant on me which is very difficult but I think I have the gift of experience....I really know that hardly anything lasts forever...and I feel very certain that dysautonomia will not kill us. I think it is scarier when you are young.

It is great that you have such a great girlfriend. I have a great boyfriend and family. I know they get tired of hearing me complain tho at times. But it is real hard not to complain. I had friends come over for the 4th of July and they never even asked how I was feeling...I guess they look at me and I look good...a little thin but good....or maybe they don't know what to say or well I am not sure....but I am sure happy to ahve you all to vent to...


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I thought those guys were pretty nice too! Geeze, I still have trouble with my family. They look at me like I'm nuts or trying to sell them a kirby vaccuum.

I don't want their sympathy, just a little respect------------and quit making me feel guilty for not being able to do as much as other folks do----like, working, exercising, traveling, taking long walks, flying up the stair case, ect. Just because I look like the picture of health doesn't mean I don't have a nighmare going on inside my body. I used to be the best firsbee player on the block, danced, walked 5 miles, and exercised a lot. I also worked for over 22 years, sometimes 10 hours a day when I was in mgmt. I have a different body now, and many of those things are out of the question. However, I do enjoy teaching the nieces, nephews, and grandchildren how to hold a frisbee to get the best throw-----------and accurate... :) I can still throw one on occasion, but I have to be so careful.... :wub: I can't run after the firsbee anymore either. I miss those days....... :rolleyes:

It's nice to see young people who have a little compassion. In fact I see older folks, 30s, 40s, 50s, and some even older who can be cruel, and VERY immature when a person who has dysautonomia turns their back, and you overhear some of the things they have to say when they don't know your listening.

I think your post offers a little encouragement, and I think some of these guys have learned NOT to be like their parents.

My son is 28 years old, and I feel he is one of the most mature individuals when it comes to judging others-----------------HE DOESN'T.

Maxine :0)

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Hey how do you find chinups for POTS? always make mine far worse for some reason...

as far as my workout routine so far i have been doing just sitting exercises with 25lb dumbells, Bicep curls, tricep extensions, bench press(laying down of course), Rows pulling the dumbell up to your chest leaning over. These work all your major upper body while laying or sitting. I basically keep it light doing 1 exercise a day or every other day, for example 4 sets of bicep curls on each arm for 8 repetitions each with 2-3 min breaks in between or so.

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