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A Few Questions

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I was wondering if any of you have gone to the cleveland clinic and were seen by Dr. Fouad? I have an appointment at the end of July and was just wondering how she was as a pots doctor. Also did she do tests that day or order them for later. I live in northeast pennsylvania and it is a six hour drive for me so i just wondered if this was a one trip deal or if i may have to go back. Also if you did go there and have to stay over, where did you stay. I see several hotels near the hospital but i just thought if anyone else stayed there they may have a good suggestion. Thanks for the replys in advance! :)

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greetings desiree,

wishing you the best of luck in cleveland. do hope that your visit with dr. fouad is productive, helpful and


i, too, will be meeting with dr, fouad (for the first time) in early july; therefore cannot offer any real useful information

regarding lodging/logistics... the hospital concierge suggested that we book at the intercontinental (which adjoins the cleveland

clinic) it is more expensive than other options, but my husband felt it would be easiest for us--since we will not have a car.

the whole cleveland experience is new to me.... will post details from my visit and any insight that i might gather along

the way next month.

note: dr, fouad's staff has been exceptionally courteous and helpful.

with all my best,

cordelia (cleveland pilgrim)

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Thank you for the reply. I wish you all the best at your appointment and am looking forward to talking with you about your experience. Good luck and safe travels!!!! :(

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