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New Here & Wondering About Salt Intake


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hey there, i recently stumbled across this board which seems like it has a great amount of info on it and wanted to introduce myself.

i'm a 21 year old stay at home wife to a marine who has been on 3 deployments to iraq now.. and gearing up for a 4th one to afganistan in december. i've also got a 2 year old (almost!) little guy, who is a ball of energy. i was diagnosed with pots not too long ago.

i just had a couple questions and wanted to see if anyone could help me out! i'll just give you a bit of background first.

i was already seeing a psychitrist before the whole blood pressure & tachycardia thing started. he was the was the one that actually realized that something was going on and sent me for an ekg.. at which point i was immediatly taken off of adderall which i had been on since i was a kid (im 21 now) and put on provigil because its not a stimulant. before it was just assumed i had add, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. after being referred from on cardiologist to a different one. i've been seeing the current one for about 3 months. however i think my cardiologist isn't sure what exactly to do with me still because my blood pressure is so labile.. the lowest ive seen it is 58/45, the highest being 188/156.

i was put on beta blocker (bystolic), which helped with the tachycardia.. and actually made me feel alot better, it felt as though i was actually able to rest. but it made my bp too low. even when i split the pill in half and down to 2.5mg.

they took me off the beta blocker and gave me 1mg florinef, but i couldn't handle it i gained 15 lbs in 2 days and got massive headaches and stopped it after 4 days.

now at my suggestion i have been put back on the 2.5 mg of bystolic.. along with 10mg of adderall xr. and makes my bp a steady 110/80 and a heartrate of about 95 :lol: it has become a great balance for me. and gives me that tiny bit of extra energy which gets my butt out of bed in the morning.

i was told to stick with the high water, high salt intake too. i love the taste of salt so that wasn't exactly a problem but i still find it hard to get THAT much. about two days ago i decided i would just mix sea salt with a glass of water.. which i actually thought tasted good. and it made it soooo easy but it made my stomach go haywire and i got stuck in the bathroom all night. i was looking online and i guess some people do it every once in a while and call it it a salt water flush to detox their system. does anyone else do this on a daily basis and can handle it? or know if after a bit if your system just gets used to it?

thanks so much!


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My BP runs very low, so I'm supposed to be taking an unGodly amount of salt every day. I bought some buffered salt tablets (make sure they're buffered so they don't upset your stomach) from the local pharmacy. If they don't carry them in stock, they can order them, or you can find them online. I eat a lot of pretzels, drink bouillon, and take the salt tabs. Make sure you're drinking a LOT of water, too.

Good luck, and welcome to the Forum!


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Hi and welcome...and not to be political, but many thanks to your husband and you for keeping us safe and being true heroes, your sacrifices do not go un-noticed...

As far as salt, I think if you've reached a balance where you are doing ok, or at least functional it doesn't matter how much you use. Some people can use a ton and some none at all (me). If your BP and pulse are at a place where your butt gets up in the morning and you can do the things you need to, then I would guess you are getting enough and don't need sea salt laxatives..... :D which tend to cause symptoms.

It's different for everyone, and I believe sea salt is actually stronger than regular salt...I may be mistaken, I am definitely not a salt expert. It sounds like you are getting plenty with a BP of 110/60.

I have never really heard of any set amount people should take, only how much over they shouldn't go. My husband and son have really low BP's and have been told they can eat all they want, but they seldom add salt to anything, most processed foods out there have plenty. I have a much harder time finding low salt foods than high salt stuff.

If it ain't broke, it don't need fixin....sounds like you are fixed for now. morgan

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