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The Absolute Best Article On Pots Ive Ever Found

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Sorry you have to search on that website for the article by searching for Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. In hindsight its probably not quite as good as this article:


But its still pretty good.

I am getting the distinct impression that the above article references YOUNG people with POTS and ignores the many older people that have it. You can find several older POTS patients on this forum. I feel misunderstood and ignored when the medical community looks at this as a young-person illness. I wish they would acknowledge us older folk. Hopefully, I got the wrong impression from the article.

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Thank you so much! I learn so much from you and am grateful for all the information. It is really nice to understand why activity is so difficult for me. It is also validating as I get frustrated with my body not being able to do things...or rather I can do things for a short time but then I get sooooooooooo sick.. I think he said after exercise malaise (which for me is the understatement of the century!).

Anyway...thanks again and please keep all the info coming!!


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I found the comment about the aberrant breathing during the vasovagal syncope to be interesting. When pulling on something such as a starter cord for a weed trimmer I would start to black out and my breathing would change. I could never observe the type of breathing because I was too involved with trying to stay conscious. I have about 3 different ways to pass out and I have been able to observe what was going on in 2 of them but the one with the weird breathing is a mystery to me. I don't believe it is hyperventilation but instead it seems to be that I am holding my breath.

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