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God Has Heard My Prayers


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Hello all,

I have been battling this illness and have gone from doctor to doctor and praying many times a day to just send me to a doctor that will tell me whats wrong and believe me. I do only receive medicaid and the doctors I've seen wanted to refer me to MAYO but I could never afford it, so I called Cleveland clinic after the doctors here locally wouldn't give me the proper referral and they said they wouldn't see me with no referral and they couldn't talk about financial arrangements because it was against the law to accept money from someone on medicaid . I was at a loss along with this illness I was having family problems and at a deep deep depression I felt like giving up totally. The phone rang about an hour ago it was Cleveland clinic with no referral the administrator approved me being seen next month ITS A BLESSING truely its unbelievable you wouldn't believe how I'm feeling I WILL FINALLY GET THE ANSWER and I now know for a fact GOD is listening and it happens in his time. Maybe I sound alittle dramatic but I have truely witnessed a miracle right in my own life . Cleveland Clinic knew nothing of me ,except trying to get an appointment and the basic insurance information .... I guess the moral of my short stories is keep faith and keep praying because anything is possible .

God bless everyone and HE truely hears you through all your suffering.


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Great news! God always listens and He will show us the way if we are patient and trusting, as hard as that might be sometimes! Good luck with your appointment. Let us know what you find out.

~ Broken_Shell

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He has helped and Blessed me in so many ways.

I could not walk this road alone without God's

Blessings and Gifts along the way. Sometimes,

we're not looking to see the gifts, but he's places

many in our paths like Guardian Angles.

I'm very grateful. :unsure:

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