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saline IV?


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I have a standing order and have used it several times. It is a quick fix and is very beneficial so you don't have so much catching up to do. If I didn't have the IV saline, it might take me a couple of weeks to feel better.

I was wondering what you mean by quick fix. I am feeling pretty desperate right now and was wondering if it might help. I am having so much trouble with fatigue and nausea and breathing. What did it help you with?


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Friday, please correct me if I am wrong, but based on your other post today I don't think you have an established diagnosis of POTS yet. I can understand that you feel crappy and want to feel better soon. We all want that for ourselves and for anyone else. But IV saline is only a stopgap. Yes, it helps and it helps fast. But it's not a cure.

I'm thinking you need to investigate your sleep apnea. It can cause profound fatigue, irregular heartbeat (and therefore some fluctuation in BP) and depression among other things. Check it out:


Hope this is the right answer for you. SLeep apnea is a very frequently missed diagnosis.

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Well, yes and no. I'm seeing a doctor now who has suspected POTS, he hasn't diagnosed me though. I have only seen him once and he's been doing some tests, I'm thinking he doesn't want to misdiagnose me also. I had asked him about the TTT but he said he didn't want to make me go through that if i didn't have to, and based upon the info i've given him and BP and heart rate redings I've reported myself( i keep a journal of my BP readings from my home BP monitor) he could see that I have a problem with it and the TTT would just give him the same information. I kind of understood that when he first said it but, now I'm not sure because i'm still not diagnosed.

The sleep apnea doesn't seem to be major. I had a sleep study done where it didn't happen. I only had three hours sleep but it didn't happen during that time. It seems to happen once in a wihle when I'm falling asleep, and sometimes, it has woken me up but not lately. My Mom has also watched me sleep for an hour, two times and it didn't happen then. I was thinking on trying another sleep test but it's a big ordeal for me and they , the doctors say that they don't really do anything about the apnea unless it happens a certain amount of times a night. Anyway since it wasn't a major problem the sleep doctors don't really pay it much mind.

I had talked to my doctors partner recently and she had mentioned they do the IV thing so I was wondering about it. I'm supposed to see the doc soon so i want to ask him what's up. He is treating me like i have POTS.The beta blocker,taking the salt, but he hasn't said yes it's POTS so I'm stuck in the middle. I don't want to get misdiagnosed but yet I need to know what's going on.


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