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Off topic--Iron Chef


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Hi all--since I posted my whining earlier, I thought I'd try to find some balance with something more lighthearted--also helps me take the focus of the pain. :)

I'm an avid Iron Chef fan (original Japanese series). I'm fortunate to have been able to have had meals made for me, and personally taken pictures with TWO iron chefs: Morimoto and Chen. Some of you may have seen the Chen Kenichi picture as I posted it on the "faces of dinet" album--but here's a link if you want to see the whole dinner which I've posted on Ofoto. Ofoto is free but may require you to creat a login. If you're squeamish about giving out your email address, then use a "dummy" address.

The Chen pictures are only a week or so old.

Foodies should note that I had to take pictures of each course in the order in which they were served! Others may think that's a bit crazy, but I wanted to remember the splendor on my plate.


and then there was the Morimoto dinner, photos courtesy of Teri's neice's boyfriend, David. These photos are from May of this year (I think):


Happy surfing...and eating!

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Oh, and if you're a REAL foodgeek, you can look on the IronChefFan forum for a detailed blow by blow of the dinner, including much more indepth descriptions of each course than I did on my brief photo lables:


The ICF forum crashed last week, so unfortunately the above post was the only one from a very long thread about the dinner--the above link was saved by the original author and reposted.

For anyone interested, I'm also known as MightyMouse on the ICF forum too :)

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That is funny you have brought up "Iron Chef" My daughter Kelly is starting college next year. She is going culinary arts!! Her ultimate goal is to be on Iron Chef. I am going to show her pictures when she gets home this morning, she will be so jealous!!!!

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