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Sudden excessive sweating and new-type of attacks


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Hey all!

So, I am in the middle of terrible relapse after a year of decent health (not great, but you know what I mean-decent). So, I am having a lot of bad episodes. One of them is a type that feels like narcolepsy but I know is passing out. For once in my life, i get zero warning and I have NO control over my body. NONE. It is weird. I have always been able to maintain a certain amount of control, but mostly because I had enough warning to get into an ok position before and could think to land on my knees or sit down or something. This one also occurs while lying down. I get this overwhelming, just compelling urge to put my feet up and close my eyes. I lose muscle control in my neck (bad because I have some sort of inflammatory disease there) and I lose control of my arms in the same way. Just drop stuff. I float in and out of consciousness, almost paralyzed for anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. I feel paralyzed when I 'wake up.' I am frequently aware of my surroundings but am unable to interact. People are noticing it in my classes and they think I am a slacker who is falling asleep. I am in a grad program and this is not good. I have spoken with the profs about it and they are very understanding, very, it is great. Only thing is that I have lots of yawning first (always had it and I know it is a poor oxygenation thing, but it used to just be an annoyance), so it really looks like sleep.

Next thing is that I have started sweating A HUGE AMOUNT! After three years of absolutely no sweat except on my hands and feet, this is weird. I used to get very overheated, turn red and then have a high body temperature then dizziness, etc. Now, it does not even matter if I am overheated. I am just sweating. I understand why this happens, but I want to know what to do about it. It wipes me out and I just can't seem to catch up for several days. Unfortunately, I have been having many days of this. It is a weird, clammy sweat that never drips but sticks and is copious amounts. It does not smell like sweat either, it smells like salt- seriously. It looks and feels gross and I am just so so tired. I have salt and gatorade and water and all those things, but how do I stop the actually sweating process earlier in the attack. It is often even when i am not hot, but just in an almost crisis point. Sometimes it is a heat thing too.

Anyway, after eight years of illness, to have a sudden change that is just not 'typical of me' is very frustrating, so I could use the advice of others to learn about these topics I never read about before. Thanks.


I have multiple dysautonomia diagnoses from hyperadrenergic POTS to VV Syncope and NCS, etc.

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Leah, you really need to see the doctor who is treating your autonomic issues if you're experiencing new and different symptoms--I know that's often easier said than done, but it's really important so that they can rule in or out whether your symptoms are from your autonomic issues or something else completely.

Hang in there and get to the doctor's office! Nina

ps. keep plugging along with your grad program :P

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geez, i'm not a doctor, but it almost sounds like some type of seizure activity. i would suggest you get in to see someone asap. also with the sweating, my symptoms have been having wild swings lately too, not sure what's going on there. but there many different types of siezures and you should be checked out. not trying to scare you or add one more thing to your list of a zillion already, but don't want you to get hurt. morgan

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Dear Leah,

I am so sorry you are having such a bad time right now. I can sympathize with you are the sudden excessive sweating. I too, have not sweat for many years, then about 2 months ago, I started waking up simply drenched from my waist down. I get the salty smell and everything as well. However, I can not tell you why this happens as my Doctor did not have a clue. I am having a procedure done on Monday and I am going to talk to them about it then.

The hours of fainting....GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! For heaven's sake...go immediately! You could get seriously injured going out like that. Please let us know that you have spoken with your doctor.

Please take care! You will be in my prayers.


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